Bigg Boss 17 Grand Premiere EP 1 Written Updates 15 October 2023 – Contestants Introductions and 3 Houses Twist

The episode started with Bigg Boss telling viewers that he will openly doing favouritism this season and will be openly biased. He said that there will be 3 houses in Bigg Boss mohalla this time and they are as follows :

1. Dil House
2. Dimaag House
3. Dum House

Salman Khan appeared on stage dancing on Swag Se Swagat, Bang Bang, Chori Chori Chupke Se, Allah Duhai, Yaar Na Mile, and Humka Peeni Hai songs.

Salman Khan started giving the introduction and then he named all the sponsors of Bigg Boss 17. Salman Khan finally started introducing the contestants on stage.

Contestant no. 1 – Mannara Chopra – She came dancing on a musical mashup of Oo Anatava and Sami from Pushpa: The Rise film. Salman introduced her and he said that she has not came here because of her surname and she has done many South films. Mannara has told about her controversy and she told Salman that a director kissed her on her cheeks.

Mannara’s qualities were told to her and it’s said that she is Confused and Nakhrewaali.

Mannara said that she has done a ad film with Salman Khan in the past. She requested Salman to do a dance with her on stage and then he danced with her on stage on Laal Dupatta song. She eats Paani puri on stage.

Bigg Boss tells Mannara about Dil, Dimaag, and Dum house after which he tells her to select a house.

Mannara selected Dil House and she was also made the monitor.

Mannara tells Salman that she doesn’t like favouritism and then she entered the Dil house. Bigg Boss tells Mannara that he is disappointed towards her attitude and now she has to ask all the upcoming contestants about their choices after which she has to announce the decision.

Contestant no. 2 – Munawar Faruqui – He made some jokes on the stage and then Salman Khan meets him. Salman did a shayri task with Munawar on stage. He gave him different situations and Munawar has to do shayri on those situations.

Finally Munawar entered the house. He met Mannara inside the house and he said that he can’t trust her despite she is Priyanka Chopra’s sister.

Contestant no. 3 and 4 – Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma – The husband wife duo entered on stage after performing on Jhumka song. Salman Khan complimented them for their energy and he said that what will you both do inside the house for 4 months. Neil and Aishwarya laughed.

Salman Khan told them about their qualities and he said that Neil is a Patnivrata husband.

Contestant no. 5 – Navid Sole – Navid came on stage and he met Salman, Neil, and Aishwarya. He said that he is from UK and he is half Italian, half Persian. His introduction video was shown and it was very funny. His interaction with Salman was also very funny.

Navid Sole did a compatibility test with both Aishwarya and Neil. Finally Navid, Aishwarya, and Neil entered the house, after which they met Munawar and Mannara.

Contestant no. 6 – The UK07 Rider aka Anurag Dobhal – His introduction video was shown and he said that he is the no. 1 Moto vlogger in the world. He meets Salman Khan and he said that people also call him Babu Bhaiya. Salman also told viewers about his huge fan following on social media. Anurag did one last vlog on stage with Salman before entering the house.

Contestant no. 7 – Sana Raees Khan – Salman introduced her and he said that she is a high profile criminal lawyer.

Contestant no. 8 – Jigna Vora – She introduced herself as a former crime reporter and then she met Salman as well as Sana Raees Khan on stage. Jigna tells Salman that she came on this platform because of her son. Salman said that Jigna has served some time in jail because of being involved in a murder conspiracy case.

Verbal Dangal happened between Sana Raees Khan and Jigna Vora to become the first captain of the house. The verbal dangal ended in a tie and then they both entered the house.

Bigg Boss told contestants about the task he gave to Mannara about announcing the names of house chosen by contestants. Munawar said that he did not trusted Mannara and Bigg Boss called them in confession room to talk about it. Finally both of them sorted out things inside the confession room.

Jigna Vora and Sana Raees Khan met all the other contestants inside the house. Jigna thanked Munawar for making her laugh with her shows. Sana Raees Khan told about the high profile controversial cases she fought.

Contestant no. 9 and 10 – Vikki Jain and Ankita Lokhande – They both came on stage dancing on Aao Na song and Tum Kya Mile songs. Ankita clicked a picture of Salman and Vikki together. Salman did a compatibility test with Ankita and Vikki. Salman told about the things Ankita was taking with her inside the house and it was way too much.

Salman Khan cracked some jokes with Ankita and Vikki on stage. They did a saat vachan rasam on stage and then both of them finally entered the house.

Contestant no. 11 – Soniya Bansal – Salman Khan said  that she came as a last minute entry on the show. Her three qualities were told which are Sundar, Susheel, and Ready to Mingle. Salman then introduced next contestant.

Contestant no. 12 – Feroza Khan aka Khanzaadi – She came on stage and then she told Salman about the importance of her name Khanzaadi. Her two qualities were shown which are Rebel and Ready to Mingle. Salman then called next contestant.

Contestant no. 13 – Sunny Arya aka Tehalka Bhai – His introduction video was shown and then he showcased his talent on the stage to both the girls as well as Salman Khan. Sunny said that he likes Khanzaadi a lot and then Salman Khan handcuffed him with Khanzaadi. Finally Salman took off the handcuffs and then all three of them entered the house.

Contestant no. 14 – Rinku Dhawan – He mother came to drop her to the show. Her qualities were shown and she was revealed as a Boss Lady.

Contestant no. 15 – Arun Srikanth Mashetty – Her said that he is a gamer and he runs a YouTube channel named Achanak Bhayanak. Both of them gave their views on their rival contestants. They gave opinions about each other as well and then they both entered the house.

Contestant no. 16 – Abhishek Kumar – He came dancing on Heart Throb song.

Contestant no. 17 – Isha Malviya – She came on stage dancing on Param Sundari song.

Both Isha and Abhishek’s introduction videos were shown and they expressed their views about each other in their separate videos. They both had a argument on stage. Finally Salman Khan calmed them down and then they both entered the house.

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