Naagin Season 6 Episode 20 Written Updates 17 April 2022 – Pratha saves Rishabh from getting shot

Goons warned the people in the jewellery shop that if anyone tries to be over smart then they will kill them. Rishabh warns the goons that if they shot anyone then he will kill them all. Goons says that we have the weapons but still you are threatening us. Rishabh and goons started fighting. Pratha thinks that these are very dangerous goons and to stop them I need to come in my Naagin form. Goons started dominating Rishabh and Pratha failed to take her Naagin form. Pratha wonders why she is not able to take her Naagin form. One of the goon fired a shot at Rishabh and Pratha came in between after which the bullet hits her arm. Rishabh beats up the goons after which police came there and arrested them. Rishabh treats Pratha and asks her why you did this Pratha as you yourself said that you married me for money. Chup Tum Raho plays in the background. Rishabh lifts Pratha in his arms and she grabbed the glass dome which fell down.

Rishabh took Pratha in the bedroom and he puts her on bed. Mahek says I called the doctor and he is coming. Doctor came and he says that don’t worry she will get alright soon. Pratha tells Mahek that she didn’t able to use her powers but still she sacrificed herself to save Rishabh. Mahek asks Pratha about how did you lost your powers because you are Sheesh Naagin, it seems you lost your powers because you have fallen in love. Pratha says I don’t know what happened. Mahek asks her, do you love Rishabh. Pratha says I want to save my country and I want Rishabh to move on in his life.

Mahek tells Pratha that something wrong happened with your mani during the Pooja. Pratha says only you and our father were there di and since that time I have lost my powers. Rishabh tells his sister that Pratha came in between the bullet and him to save him. Rishabh tells Pratha that you shouldn’t do it again. Seema thanked Pratha for saving Rishabh’s life. Rishabh receives a call and he went to attend it. Pratha saw a wire in the water and she saved Rishabh from getting hurt by the electric shock. Pratha fell in Rishabh’s arms and Tose Naina played.

Pratha’s father received a message on phone from Rihaan in which he told him that by tonight he will kill Pratha. Pratha wonders, is Rihaan behind me losing my Naag Mani. Pratha’s father sends a message to Rihaan to meet him in his room. Rihaan went in the room and Pratha’s father confronted him. Rihaan says I haven’t sent you any message. Pratha’s father wonders who sent me message then.

Pratha says I sent the message to you. She asked him why did you stole my Naag Mani and he says I will tell you, listen to me. Pratha’s father touches her with Naag Mani and she got unconscious. Her father was moving at Himalaya mountains and he says I’m sorry beta but I am doing this, because I have to bring you here. Rishabh was taking care of Pratha as she was lying unconscious on bed.

Pratha’s father called her using Naag Mani. He tells her to comes and save her country. He further says I am the 5th asur, so come and get your powers. Pratha gets up and she tells Mahek that our father has acquired the money and I need to go there to save my country. Pratha’s father meets a traitor and he plans to mix poison in the water stream coming out of Himalaya.

Pratha & Mahek came and Pratha asked her father about why is he doing this. He says our whole family got destroyed and now I am taking revenge. Pratha says this country and its soil is ours. Pratha’s father says that this country has not given us anything, your dreams got broken, my wife died. He says that even one culprit got released and he did not got any justice.

Pratha’s father tells her that he himself killed the culprit who destroyed their family. He says that he finds out that you are your sister are trying to save this country but as no one came to save them so he has decided to destroy this country. Pratha tells her father that you have sent goons to kill my husband. He responds I haven’t sent anyone.

Pratha asks where is the poison and her father says its inside you. He tells her that the Naag Mani you put inside your navel is actually the most poisonous mani in the world. He says I know that after knowing this you will hate me but one day you will love me. He further tells her that you are a walking poison now and now you have only 3 hours but you won’t be able to do anything. Pratha’s father was holding the mani with elixir and he trapped both Pratha & Mahek.

Bats started circling around Pratha and Mahek. They attacked Mahek and she started bleeding. Pratha’s father tells her to go and save your sister but if one drop of blood fell from your body then the poison will get mixed in the Himalayas water and right now you are not Sheesh Naagin so you won’t be able to drink the poison.

Pratha asks her father why are you doing this. He tells her that I will get a lot of money from Chingistan people for doing this and then we will live a lavish life. Pratha’s father released the trap and she started running to save her sister. Pratha’s father says if one drop of your sweat fell down then the country will get destroyed and if the bats attacked you then its over.

Bats started attacking Pratha but she reached Mahek and saves her. Pratha had cuts all over her body and she was trying her best to stop the blood from falling down. Pratha’s father says if you can then save your country, call your Lord, Pratha started chanting Jai Shri Ram again and again. Pratha’s father says that everyone has Raavan inside so nobody will come to save you. He further tells her to look at Mahek, she is bleeding, mix your poison in the Himalayas snow and I will treat Mahek with the mani.

Pratha tried to grab the mani but her father grabbed the mani first. He tells her that you won’t get this mani that easily so accept your defeat. Pratha says ok I accept my defeat and her father started laughing. Pratha started chanting Jai Shri Ram after which Mani fell off his father’s hand and falls inside Pratha’s mouth due to which Pratha acquired the mani again. Pratha grabbed the bow and points it towards her father. He dares her to kill her but Pratha was hesitating to kill her father.

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