Ullu Web Series Takk (Part 2) Episode 4 Written Update with Sailesh & Dr. Menka Hot Scenes Details

Prabhakar tells Sailesh that now I am facing losses because of you. Sailesh says that I don’t even flirt with any GYM member anymore and I even stopped giving home training. Prabhakar says that’s the problem and also you told Raj that protein powder is of no use. Sailesh says but sir you don’t like to earn money like this. Prabhakar gave 3 months ultimatum to Sailesh to find another job.

Sailesh was giving support to Raj while he was doing bench press but his mind was not there and Raj started screaming. Another GYM trainer came and he helped Raj. Raj started abusing Sailesh and then he leaves from there with other trainer. The female GYM member (Aliya Naaz) tells Sailesh that the problem with him is that he never had confidence on himself. She gave a visiting card to him after which she left.

At night, Sailesh started imagining about all the girls he had romanced and he started giving pleasure to himself but he failed.

Next day, Sailesh went to Dr. Menka’s (Aliya Naaz) clinic and he got shocked knowing that it was the girl from the GYM. She tells him that its her profession and then asks him about his problem. Sailesh tells her about his problem and she says that I was right about you as you never had confidence on yourself.

Dr. Menka tells Sailesh that we have to do multiple sessions to find the problem and then she asks him, Shall we start? Sailesh says yes. Dr. Menka and Sailesh had counselling sessions for next few days. One day Sailesh went to her clinic but she was not there and her assistant tells Sailesh that she won’t be here for next few days because she has a fracture in her feet. Sailesh made a phone call to Rinki and he asks her for a favour.

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Sailesh went to Dr. Menka’s house and he gifted her some flowers. He asked her about her health and she tells him about her fracture. They started meeting each other constantly and Sailesh even helped her in walking.

Sailesh went to Dr. Menka’s house again and she offered him coffee. Suddenly Menka’s crutch fell down and they both got very close. Sailesh tries to get away but Menka takes him closer and she started kissing him. Menka takes Sailesh to her bedroom and there they both made love with each other on bed.

Menka tells Sailesh that a lot of time has passed and then she asked him, Why are you looking sad? He tells her that Prabhakar is going to fire him. Menka asked, But why? Sailesh tells because he wants me to become like I was before. Menka says don’t you dare or I will kill you. Sailesh says even I love you baby. Menka says there are many more jobs so don’t worry.

Sailesh went to GYM and he tells Rinki to help her in saving his job because she told him that Prabhakar listens to her. Rinki says that I like you and that’s why I said it to impress you but I can’t save your job, I am sorry.

Prabhakar calls Sailesh and he tells him that today is his last day. Prabhakar gave Sailesh his monthly payment and tells him that he can work in the GYM till today evening. Rinki tells Sailesh about an idea to save his job and Sailesh says please do it and I will give you whatever you want. Rinki says Will you train me because I won’t be able to give you fees. They both laughed.

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