Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Kamar Ki Naap ) Part 3 Written Update with Kajari & Chinki Hot Scenes Details

Durgesh enters the bedroom and Kajari was making the bed. He helped her in making the bed and asked her did you learned stitching from Chinki till now or not? Kajiri says yes I learned and I made a blouse for amma and she liked it a lot. Durgesh says that Chinki is very talkative and she is amongst the naughtiest girls of the society. Kajari says no she doesn’t talk a lot. Durgesh lies on bed and tells Kajari to close the door and then asked her to come close to him. Kajari obliged.

Next day, Durgesh comes from work early and he parked his cycle after which he tried to peek inside from the window but nothing was happening. Durgesh thinks why didn’t Chinki came and then thinks he should ask Kajari. Durgesh asked Kajari why didn’t Chinki came today and Kajari responds she came but she left early. Kajari asked him do you have any work from her and he says no you do your work and I am leaving.

Later that night, Kajari brought water for Durgesh in bedroom. He asked her to massage his legs and she started doing that. Durgesh asked her when Chinki touches you while teaching you measurement how you feel. Kajari says what nonsense you are speaking, are you drunk?. Durgesh says ok leave it.

Next day Durgesh again came early from work to see the romance between Chinki and Kajari but he gets disappointed seeing Kajari alone. He asked her why didn’t Chinki came today and she said that she got a big order for stitching so she is busy. Durgesh asked her for lime water and she says I will bring it now.

Later that night, Durgesh blackmailed Kajari saying that he want to see her and Chinki romancing each other in front of him otherwise he will spread the word about their affair in the village and Chinki will face a lot of humiliation because of this. He tells her that tomorrow afternoon Beena will be at Rajjo chachi’s house.

Next day in the afternoon Chinki arrived at Kajari’s house and they both entered the bedroom. Durgesh came inside and close the door. Chinki and Kajari did love making with each other on bed in front of Drugesh while he was watching them and enjoying their romance.

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