Ullu Web Series Palang Tod ( Blackmail ) Episode 1 Written Update with Shilpa & Ishika Hot Scenes Details

At the start of the episode a guy was seen watching a video recording on his phone and then pleading in front of a women to please spare him because he is very scared of the cops

Shilpa’s husband Manav was waiting for his flight and she asked him for tea. He says why didn’t you signed the divorce papers. She responds that I won’t till you assure me that I will get Nitin’s custody because you go out for work for more then 15 days and you won’t be able to take his responsibility. He says that I am his father and now I will come back after 15 days and till then you have to take a decision.

Ishika calls Shilpa and Shilpa told her that her & Manav are getting divorced. Ishika tells her to come to her house tomorrow and they will discuss about it there and then she said bye to her.

Next morning Ishika tells Shilpa that after hearing you it seems you took the decision after thinking so believe on it and be confident. She further tells her not to worry because she will get Nitin’s custody. Shilpa says I don’t know what I did is right or not. Ishika says you made the right decision and tells her to enjoy her life.

Shilpa gets dressed up and she wears a party outfit. Also she took off her mangalsutra. Later on Ishika makes Shilpa smoke with her. At night Shilpa and Ishika started drinking wine and then they both started touching each other seductively but soon they came into their senses and stopped doing it.

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Later at night in her house Shilpa was watching a lesbian romance video while lying on her bed. She gets excited and started touching herself.

Nitin was watching a adult video lying on the couch and Ishika entered the Shilpa’s house. Ishika sees Nitin watching the video and she was standing behind him. Shilpa arrived and Ishika told her that Nitin was watching a romantic movie. Nitin asks Shilpa what are you wearing?

Shilpa said that I am going to a party with Ishika and she gifted me these clothes and this is my new look. Nitin says it seems you were waiting for my dad to leave. Ishika says I will talk to him. She tells Nitin that you are from new generation and everything has gotten advance. She further tells him that the way you were using mobile for your fun, in the same way let you mom use her freedom. Shilpa and Ishika leaves for the party. At the party , Ishika and Shilpa got drunk and danced with each other.

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