Ullu Web Series Jhumke Episode 3 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

Ratna went to Shekhar’s house and she asked him why did he gave her duplicate earrings? Shekhar tells her to leave. Ratna says I will complaint to the police that you did fraud with me. Shekhar says police won’t trust you. Priya came and she asks what’s happening. Shekhar says Ratna is blackmailing him. Ratna says he gave me duplicate earrings and then he made physical relation with me. Priya says that these earrings looks just like my earrings and she asked Shekhar why did he gave those to Ratna? Shekhar throws the wine glass.

Priya went with Ratna to Kundan jewellers and the shop owner told her that the earrings you have are fake. He told her that these are our demo pieces and a guy came few days back and took those earrings as he told us that he wants to show them to his wife. He also informs them that he came yesterday too and took another demo pair from us. Priya gets shocked.

Priya leaves Shekhar’s house and he tried to stop her. He says that you are leaving me just for a maid. She says you gave me duplicate earrings and you lied to me. Shekhar says you are leaving me just because I gave you fake earrings. She says I am leaving you for what you did with Ratna and I can’t forgive you for that. He asks why can’t you forgive me? She responds if I do the same with any man then could you have forgiven me. Priya leaves him.

Priya was leaving in the car and Ratna came there. Ratna asked her where are you going? Priya says I am going to my mom’s place and she thanked her as because of her Shekhar’s reality came in front of her. Ratna says I am going back to my village and Priya gave her some money. Priya says I have full faith that soon Ashok will accept you back and you will be together again with your family.

Ashok serves food to Shilpa but she did not liked it as it was too spicy. He says we will eat it with curd. Shilpa asks why did God called mummy? Ashok responds because God likes food made by her. He tells her that we will go out and eat Chinese. Shilpa says good idea Papa.

Shipa and Ashok were eating noodles at a local dhaba. Ratna came there in a taxi and she got emotional seeing them. Shilpa started coughing and Ashok makes her drink water. Ratna comes out of taxi but she meets with an accident after which she gets hospitalized.

Ratna wakes up at the hospital and she gets confronted by a woman named Reema. Ratna told her about how her husband Ashok left her and she got separated from her daughter also how her boss did fraud with her. Reema says I will help you.

Shilpa gets ready to go to school and Ashok gives her money to eat from canteen. Shilpa says I am fed up of eating from canteen. Ashok says I will do something about it soon. Shilpa advices him to take food from Surbha aunty in the chawl as she offers tiffin services. Ashok says ok I will talk to her.

Reema brought Ratna to her house and Ratna says your house is very big. Reema says this is yours house too now. Ratna thanked her for giving her shelter and she responds this is my work so no need to thank me but you need to make my clients happy who comes from Dubai and other countries. Some more girls came and Reema tells Ratna that these girls were also suffering just like you but now see they are happy. Ratna says I can’t stay here because I can’t do this dirty work. Reema says think about it as there are wolves outside and they will chew you out.

Ratna was travelling in a van and the driver stopped the van in the middle of the road. She asked why did you stopped it as its not station. The driver along with couple more men raped her in the van one by one.

Driver of the van informed Reema on phone that your job is done and she told him to bring her to the mansion. He asked her for money and she says the fun you had with her in the van, who will pay for it.

A client called Reema and asked her for a girl. She says that a fresh girl has arrived after which she clicked Ratna’s pic and sends it to the client. The clients responds ok.

The client comes in Ashok’s car and he tells him to wait as he needs to go back to the hotel. He brought Ratna outside and she was drunk. Ashok gets shocked seeing Ratna wearing short clothes and drunk.

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