Ullu Web Series Jaal (Part 1) Episode 3 Written Update with Vijay & Nidhi Hot Scenes Details

A mysterious person entered Dheeraj’s bedroom and that person murdered him by suffocating him using a pillow. Next day, Rani went to Dheeraj’s bedroom to give him morning tea and she firstly knocked on his bedroom door but he didn’t opened. Rani entered Dheeraj’s bedroom and she tried to wake him up by telling him that its 7:00 am of the morning. Rani finds out that Dheeraj is dead and she screamed Babuji.

The whole Verma family started crying on the death of Dheeraj and then a few hospital compounders came and took his body for the autopsy.

A lady met Vijay & Anmol and she asked them, are you Dheeraj Verma’s sons? They said yes but who are you? She said that I am the nurse of the hospital where the post-mortem of your father took place. She further says that you both belong to a very respectable family but what if due to some reason your whole reputation got ruined. Vijay asks, why will this happen? That lady says because your father was sexually active. Vijay says what rubbish you are talking. That lady says do you remember that I came to your school for the admission of my child.

Flashback started – The lady went to Dheeraj’s office with him as Anmol took Dheeraj to the office on the wheelchair. Dheeraj tells Anmol to go out and close the door. Dheeraj tells that lady to sit and then he slowly gets close to her. Dheeraj asks, how are you? The lady responds I am fine. Dheeraj says true you are really fine. He asked her to tell her problems. She says I came here for the admission of my son.

Dheeraj asks her son name and She said Aman. Dheeraj says I know him but he got failed in the entrance test and his admission cannot happen. The lady joined hands in front of him and started begging for her son’s admission. Dheeraj said that there is no need for all this Dheeraj grabbed a pen and he intentionally throws it down after which he told the lady to pick it up. That lady bends down to pick up the pen and Dheeraj started staring at her cleavage. He told her to sit down.

Dheeraj asks her that can I tell you my problem? The Lady responds yes tell me. Dheeraj says that my wife died 5 years ago and since last 5 years I am not getting any satisfaction, If you can give me some satisfaction then I will grant the admission of your son as all of this is under my control so there won’t be any problem as admission will happen. He tells her not to get worried.

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Dheeraj grabbed a tissue paper and he gave it to that lady. He told her that you will need it so take it after which Dheeraj opened the zip of his pants and then that lady started giving him pleasure in his office. – Flashback ended.

The lady told Vijay and Anmol that if the post mortem report came out then all the wrong doings of your father will get exposed. Vijay asks, is it wrong for a person to be sexually active? The lady says that your mother died about 5 years ago so who was he used to get physical with because society will ask this question and your whole reputation will get spoiled. The secret stalker was once again spying on them.

The lady blackmailed Anmol and Vijay saying that you people do a respectable business and if your reputation gets spoiled then no parent will admit their children in your school. Anmol asks her, what you want? She says my son’s admission and ₹ 5 lacs and Anmol responds that your conditions will get fulfilled. The lady went from there and the stalker started smiling seeing all this.

Later that day, Khushi was playing alone at home and a unknown masked man came after which he kidnapped her by forcefully putting her in a jeep.

Vijay and Anmol were travelling in their car and Vijay told Anmol that our father was a pervert as he made physical relations with a hospital nurse who came for the admission of her son, we don’t even known how many more women he was in a relation with. Anmol received a called from a unknown number and he picked the phone after which a person on the call told him that they have kidnapped Khushi and then he disconnected the call.

Anmol tells Vijay to stop the car and Vijay asked him, who was on the phone? Anmol says that a person was saying that he has kidnapped Khushi and then he said that I will make a call to bhabhi. Anmol made a phone call to Surekha and she was crying. Surekha informed him that Khushi is nowhere to be seen at home.

The kidnapper called again and then he asked Anmol for a ransom of ₹ 50 lacs in return of Khushi and he also warned him that if he tried to inform the police then he will kill Khushi. Vijay requested Anmol to save his daughter because he doesn’t have that much money. Anmol says that even he doesn’t have that much money and also he can’t take money from school’s trust because Dheeraj has the signing authority and without his signature we can’t withdraw even a single penny.

Everyone was tensed at Verma house and Chinga asked Vijay that why did kidnapper called Anmol instead of you? Vijay asks Chinga, what you do mean to say? Chinga responds saying that Khushi was your daughter and any kidnapper will do the research before doing kidnapping regarding the father of the child and his number.

Vijay tells Anmol that you don’t have the signing authority which means even you are having financial problems and everyone knows that our father used to treat you like a peon at school so that means you kidnapped my daughter for money, he grabbed Anmol by collar and asks him to tell where’s his daughter?

Anmol tells Vijay that you are getting manipulated by this Chinga as he is making stories. Vijay responds saying that there is at least some truth to his story and I know you very well, In order to get your job done you can go to any extent. Vijay once again asks him to tell where is his daughter or else I will call the police. Anmol requested Vijay to not to inform the police because kidnapper said that if we informed the cops then he will kill my daughter.

Nidhi asks Anmol, what did you said your daughter? Anmol responds I didn’t meant it in that way. Nidhi says you confessed the truth unknowingly. Surekha started crying and Vijay said to Surekha that your eyes are telling everything after which he charged at her but Nidhi stopped her. Anmol confessed that Khushi is his daughter and he cannot plan the kidnapping of his own daughter for the sake of money.

Nidhi told Vijay that they both should get punished but in the right way after which she grabbed Vijay’s hand and took him to her bedroom. Anmol went behind them and he started banging the door saying Nidhi I am sorry, please don’t do this.

Vijay tells Nidhi that both of them are cheating on us and I want to kill them. Nidhi says that nothing will happen by killing them as we need to punish them in a way by which they will suffer every single day and every single second.

Nidhi took off her saree pallu and said that the thing which they did by cheating us, we will do the same and that will be the right punishment for them. She told Vijay that you can do whatever you want to do with me. Anmol was still banging the door and he was requesting them to open the door.

Nidhi took Vijay in her arms and she started kissing on his lips. Vijay made her stand alongside the wall as they both were still kissing each other. Vijay kissed on Nidhi’s neck a bit and then again he started kissing on her lips. Nidhi took off Vijay’s shirt and then again they both started doing lip to lip kissing.

Vijay took off Nidhi’s petticoat after which he kissed on her lips a bit and then he made her turn alongside the wall. Vijay unhooked Nidhi’s blouse and then he started kissing all around her exposed back. Vijay made Nidhi turn once again and then he took her in his arms after which he made her lay on bed.

Vijay gets on top of Nidhi and Anmol was crying sitting outside the bedroom. Vijay and Nidhi started passionately kissing on each other’s lips. Vijay took off Nidhi’s blouse and then he took off his pants. Vijay gave a French kiss to Nidhi and then he started giving her pleasure. Nidhi was loving the whole experience on bed with Vijay.

Anmol was still crying sitting outside the bedroom and it turns out that it was all the imagination of Anmol as nothing happened between Nidhi & Vijay inside the bedroom as of now.

Vijay puts back Nidhi’s pallu on her saree and he apologized to her. Nidhi tells Vijay to pour all his anger on her and he responds saying that I can’t go so low like both of them. Vijay was going to leave the bedroom and Nidhi stopped him. She told him that even if nothing has happened between us but they both should feel like that everything has happened, only then they both will suffer.

Both Nidhi and Vijay came out of the bedroom and Vijay was closing the buttons of his shirt while Nidhi was setting her saree pallu back. Anmol grabbed Nidhi’s hand and Nidhi told Anmol to not have any guilt because today the scores have settled but remember one thing, never dare to cheat me ever again. Nidhi leaves from there after staring at Surekha and Vijay also leaves from there after staring at both Anmol & Surekha. Both Anmol and Surekha were looking extremely sad.

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