Ullu Web Series Jaal (Part 1) Episode 2 Written Update with Anmol & Surekha Hot Scenes Details

Surekha was taking care of Khushi in her bedroom at night and Anmol came in. He hinted at Surekha to come outside. Rani went inside Dheeraj’s room to give him medicine and he ordered her to close the door from inside which Rani obliged.

Dheeraj tells Rani that today I’ll take your test and then he tells her to sit on his lap. Rani followed his command and did what he said. Dheeraj kissed on Rani’s back a bit and then made her lay on his legs. Dheeraj started touching her back gently.

Anmol gets dressed as a school boy and he was licking a lollipop. He asked Surekha, may I come in teach and Surekha gave him the permission to come in. Surekha was dressed as a hot class teacher as she was wearing a saree paired with glasses.

Surekha tells Anmol that today you got very late Bittu and today we will take your GK test and Anmol says I am ready madam. Surekha grabbed a banana and asked first question to Anmol which was – Which thing banana has the most and Anmol answered Potassium after which Surekha said right answer.

Surekha snatches lollipop from Anmol’s hand and she licked it after which she gave it back to him and he continued licking it.

Surekha then grabbed a mango and asks second question to Anmol which was – How to eat mango – by cutting it or by sucking it and Anmol answers the question saying I like eating it by sucking it after which he started kissing on Surekha’s lips.

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Surekha was standing alongside the table with a bend bown position and Anmol went behind her and then he took her in his arms after which they both had a lip lock. Anmol made Surekha sit on table and then he pushed her on the table. Anmol removed Surekha’s saree pallu and then he started kissing on her legs. Anmol kissed on Surekha’s navel then slowly he moved upwards and started kissing on her neck and then they both started kissing on each other lips again.

Anmol grabbed a mango and he squeezed its pulp on Surekha’s navel and then he licked it after which he squeezed the mango pulp on her neck and licked it again. At last Anmol squeezed the mango pulp on her legs and then he licked all of it. Surekha was getting really turned on. Surekha gets up and yet again they both started doing lip to lip kissing.

Anmol took off his shirt and Surekha lies down on table yet again after which Anmol started giving her pleasure and she was enjoying it a lot. Surekha gets up and she took Anmol in her arms and he started kissing on her shoulders while she was passionately touching his back.

The secret stalker started spying on them from a nearby building using binoculars and first he saw Dheeraj making love with Rani in his bedroom and then he saw Anmol making love with Surekha.

Surekha got worried as she thought someone was spying on them and Anmol told her that nobody is watching them teacher. Surekha requested him to close the curtain and he obliged.

The secret stalker made a phone call to someone and said that you were right as you have the most respected family in the world but here everyone is doing shameful things.

Anmol took Surekha in his arms and she turned standing alongside a wall. He gently took down one strap of her bra and then kissed on her back a bit after which Anmol unhooked Surekha’s bra and her back got completely exposed. Anmol kissed on Surekha’s back and then he took off her petticoat.

Surekha turns and they both took each other in their arms. Surekha lies down on floor and Anmol gets on top of her. Anmol kissed on her neck a little bit after which he gave Surekha a lot of pleasure and she was absolutely loving it.

Chinga was preparing milk for Dheeraj in the kitchen. Dheeraj in his bedroom opened Rani’s blouse and then he unhooked her bra. Dheeraj started gently touching Rani’s back. Chinga puts the milk in glass.

Dheeraj writes A on Rani’s back with his hand and he says A for Apple after which he writes yet again and asks her to tell what diid I wrote? Rani says B and Dheeraj says right. Dheeraj write C on Rani’s exposed back

Chinga enters the bedroom and he saw Dheeraj teaching ABCD to her as she was massaging his legs. Chinga tells Rani to go to kitchen because there’s is a lot of work left and instead he will give massage to Dheeraj. Dheeraj tells Chinga to let her massage his legs because her hands are soft and Chinga’s hands are rough also he will teach her ABCD while she will give him massage.

Dheeraj tells Chinga to leave the room and then he told Rani to massage his legs a little upwards which got noticed by Chinga and he leaves the room by closing the door. Chinga was very angry and he went in other room.

Surekha came downstairs and she got scared seeing Dheeraj still awake. Anmol came down and he asked her, what happened? Surekha says Bapuji, if he saw us then there will be a lot of trouble and if Vijay finds out then he will throw me out of the house also he won’t even let me talk to my daughter Khushi and even we won’t be able to meet again. Anmol says you take a lot of tension teacher, don’t worry and then they both went to their rooms.

Later that night Chinga was sharpening the knife with a stone and Vijay in his room was searching on Google regarding how to kill someone. The secret stalker was inspecting his gun and Surekha sends a message to someone saying I feel like Papa Ji has seen us and if we didn’t do anything then we are gone.

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