Top 5 most scripted and fake Indian reality tv shows – With Proofs and Details

Reality shows across the world are often being put under scrutiny whether its about fake fights or voting frauds or even scripted love angles and Indian television are no less when it comes to all this nonsense. Although some of these reality shows are so blatantly fake and scripted that its not too difficult even for a 5 Year old to expose them but still some of these shows never gets called out for their blatant fakeness and overly scripted drama due to their massive fan following.

In this article we are going to talk about 5 most fake and scripted reality tv shows which gets aired on Indian television as these shows are quite famous for their voting frauds, scripted drama, fake fights, and pre-decided love angles.

1. Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka :

Raaz Pichhle Janm Ka was an Indian reality tv show which used to air on NDTV Imagine TV channel. This show had a total to 2 Seasons as its Season 1 started on 7 December 2009 and Season 2 started on 29 January 2011.

The show had a very interesting concept as celebrity guests used to participate in this show and a female therapist used to put them through a past life regression session after which those celebrity gets to see the visuals from their previous births and those visual were being shown on tv to viewers through editing and recreation. Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan was the host of the show.


Although its somewhat believable that Past Life Regression is possible to an extent but the way that lady therapist used to conduct those sessions with the Celebrity guests was highly laughable to say the least. For example – the lady therapist used to ask stupid questions like – Tell me what kind of floor you have under your feet? Also her Aage Badho line which she used to say quite often was a top notch meme material.

Although many top actors and controversial celebs participated in Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka including Celina Jaitly, Sambhavna Seth, and Monica Bedi but seeing the whole presentation of the show, it was quite obvious that the entire shows was fake and scripted because of which it flopped badly after 2 Seasons and never made a return on TV again.

2. Bigg Boss :

One of India’s biggest and most popular reality tv show Bigg Boss has often got into limelight because of its evident voting frauds and fake dramas created by makers in order to increase the TRP’s of the show. In Year 2019, while giving a interview to RED FM India, BB11 runner-up Hina Khan openly claimed that Bigg Boss is a well edited show and by saying well edited she meant that makers make every effort to show their pre-determined winner in positive light on the show through editing while the opponents of that fixed winner gets vilified on the show.

Not only that makers of Bigg Boss also do fake rating boosting stunts on the show from time to time to increase its TRP and the most recent example of that is Rakhi Sawant’s fake husband Ritesh’s entry in Bigg Boss Season 15. Later on it turned out that Ritesh was already married to a woman named Snigdha Priya and they both even had a child together. Only 15 days after the end of BB15, Rakhi gave divorce to Ritesh by announcing their separation on Instagram which further authenticates that the whole Rakhi Ritesh husband wife drama was a ploy by the makers of Bigg Boss all along to improve the declining ratings of the show.

Even during Bigg Boss Season 4, makers of the show did the publicity stunt of Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s marriage in the house which later got exposed by Ali himself as he admitted on reality show Sach Ka Saamna Season 2 that he married Sara Khan on the show as he got paid for it by the makers and it was all a publicity stunt.

Apart from fake publicity stunts and scripted dramas, the public voting in Bigg Boss is basically an illusion to fool the audience and we can give you one of the biggest example of this is voting fraud which took place during Bigg Boss OTT Season 1 – At one point of time public was asked to vote their favourite connection pair in order to save them and you might not believe but Shamita Shetty & Raqesh Bapat received the most amount of votes on the show despite of the fact both these contestants were nowhere close to the popularity of the pair of Pratik Sehajpal & Akshara Singh.

3. Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa :

The popular celebrity dance reality show of Colors TV channel is the Indian version of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars. Although its a dance reality show so there is a very less scope of scripted fights and fake drama but when it comes to public voting frauds then this show is no less.

TV actress Drashti Dhami became the winner of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 6 while American professional dancer and actress Lauren Gottlieb became runner-up despite of the fact that Lauren’s overall performances on the show were far better then Drashti’s. Even on Grand finale of the show Lauren gave a much better dance performance then the so called winner as all Drashti did was morning school PT on Ho Ja Rangeela Re song.

Many of you might wonder about why did Drashti win despite of the fact that Lauren was a much better dancer and the simple answer is because she was a Colors Face and had a Winner’s contract right from the start. This whole drama got exposed when a few Bigg Boss 7 contestants were seen discussing about Drashti’s winner contract during BB7 live feed.

Drashti played the lead role of Madhubala Malik Kundra in Colors TV show Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon from Year 2012 – 2014 and during 2013 she participated in Jhalak and just to increase the popularity of their lead actress even further, she was made winner by the channel.

4. MTV Splitsvilla :

The youth oriented reality show which is somewhat of a Indian version of Love Island has often remained in controversies because of various reasons. Whether it comes to fake love angles or scipted fights, this show has always remained under scrutiny.

First of all this show has a weird concept of Oracle and here we are not talking about the one from Matrix. Oracle in Splitsvilla is somewhat of a device which makers claims can tell whether a match is compatible or not. Well yeah we know this sounds very stupid to say the last otherwise such kind of devices needs to be made available in every part of the world as there won’t be any need of astrologers thereafter and even Pundits won’t be needed anymore as such machines will tell whether parents should get their children married to the particular person or not – Problem solved.

Not only that but if you carefully observe the fights which takes place in this show then it becomes quite evident that the contestants are enacting a script and nothing more as most of them can be seen looking at the cameras while fighting which each other and seriously who does that to be honest.

Even the love angles and the intimacy shown between contestants on this show is quite fake as most of the times it becomes quite obvious that these people are getting intimate with each other while a cameraman is sitting next to them and to be honest, any normal person gets easily uncomfortable doing it when a third person is around them until or unless you are doing fake acting in front of a camera.

5. MTV Roadies :

MTV Roadies is the longest running reality tv show of India as it was started way back in Year 2003 and till 2022 around 18 Seasons of this youth based reality show have already been aired. At one point of time this show was quite amazing when the twin duo of Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman were hosting it but now this entire show has been turned into a mere joke because of the cringe scripted fights and fake love angles which makers show on this show in order to boost its TRP’s.

In the most recent Season 18 of Roadies, it turned out that each and every single contestant is in a romantic relationship which some other fellow contestant. For example Nandini & Jashwanth are a couple, Baseer & Soundous are a couple, Kevin & Arushi are a couple, Sidharth Manoj & Simi are a couple and the list goes on. Seriously more then Roadies it looks like Splitsvilla 2.0 now.

Still makers have the audacity to claim that they have brought new roadies alongside ex-roadies and these new roadies have never met any of the ex-roadies before. On the contrary while looking at the romantic intimacy between Baseer and Soundous, it doesn’t look like that these 2 have never met each other before and what about all the other couples. Well surely there is something fishy going on.

Also the fights which takes place on this show now a days look very fake to be honest as just like Splitsvilla, you can easily observe these contestants looking at the camera while getting into heated arguments which each other which makes it clear that they are just doing drama in front of the camera as its all a part of the script given to them by the makers.

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