Ullu Web Series Hotspot ( Video Calling ) Part 2 Written Update with Shweta & Divya Hot Scenes Details

Abhinav comes out of the shower and Shweta makes a video call to him. She was looking extremely hot and she asked him how she is looking. Abhinav tells her to meet him then he will tell. Shweta asked him to select the dress for her and she will wear it. Abhinav tells her to wear both the dresses one by one. Shweta wears the peach dress and Abhinav gets happy seeing her gorgeous look. He tells her to wear the tiger print one, Shweta says that she will change at night and then call her after which she says bye to him.

Chandrakant calls his cop friend Hary and asks him for help to catch the blackmailer. Hary says that he will try his best.

Shweta makes a video call to Abhinav after wearing that tiger print dress and Abhinav says that you are looking very hot. Shweta says even you have a hot body. Shweta teases Abhinav saying that she got injured and Abhinav tells her to show the scar. Shweta says I know where your eyes are. Abhinav says I really love you and he gave a flying kiss to Shweta.

Chandrakant receives another message from the blackmailer and he asks him why is he taking so much time to arrange money, doesn’t he love her wife. Chandrakant calls Hary and he asks what happened, Hary says they are searching, Chandrakant says did you find the address. Hary gave him another number of his and tells him to save it.

Shweta wears a towel and she makes a video call to Abhinav. Abhinav says you are looking so hot. Shweta asks what about towel. Abhinav says its his biggest enemy and I want to rip it apart. Shweta removes the towel and Abhinav enjoy the view.

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Shweta was eating pizza and she receives a video call from a guy. She tells him that I am eating pizza. The guy asks her who is the girl dancing behind you. It turns out that the girl was Divya and they both were con girl. Shweta received a call from Gaurav (Blackmailer) and she tells her that she trapped new guy.

Abhinav gets so much disturbed after receiving blackmail video from Shweta and he was going to cut his nerves but his father came in time and saves him. Abhinav tells his father about everything and he showed him the video. His father says don’t worry as I will take care of everything and he takes promise from him that he will not try to harm himself again.

Chandrakant gets the address of Divya and Shweta through Hary and he reached their place. He gets into a scuffle with Shweta, Divya, and Gaurav. Hary came there in time and he arrested all three of them. Chandrakant takes their phone and his son Sonu calls on the phone. Chandrakant warns him that she is conning him. Chandrakant says that she was going to con him for 5 lacs but in return he got a Rs 1 lac phone, Policeman friendship comes with a lot of benefits.


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