Ullu Web Series Honey Trap (Part 2) Episode 4 Written Updates with Vinita (Hiral Radadiya) Hot Scenes Info

Shraddha follows Vinita on the street and finally both of them reached their homes. Nitin gifted earrings to Shraddha and he tells her that today is your best friend Preeti’s wedding and I am always here to fulfil your desires. Shraddha compliments Nitin by telling him that he is very sweet. Nitin and Shraddha hugged each other. Vinita watches them from the balcony of her house and she feels jealous.

Shraddha was getting ready for her friend’s wedding and she tells Nitin to help her in putting on her bra hook. Nitin helped her in hooking her bra and he compliments her by saying that you are looking very beautiful today. Shraddha says I know you have seen many beautiful girls and Nitin says but today my eyes are only on you. Both of them started making out in the living room.

Vinita was watching Shraddha and Nitin making out in the living room from her balcony. Vinita licks honey and then she went to Nitin’s house. Vinita rings the bell and Nitin opened the door. She tells him that she needs sugar because she is making Kheer and there is no sugar at her house. Vinita came inside and she intentionally falls on Nitin. He started massaging her feet after which he begins kissing her legs. Nitin makes out with Vinita in the living room and she enjoyed a lot.

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Nitin thanked Vinita from coming and suddenly Shraddha came back home from wedding. Shraddha asks Vinita, Why are you here? Vinita says that I needed sugar to make Kheer and she tells Shraddha to not to doubt on her husband because he is a very nice guy. Saurav came back home and he notices the conversation between Shraddha, Nitin, and Vinita. Shraddha tells Nitin to come inside and I will teach you a lesson. Vinita and Nitin gave a flying kiss to each other.

Vinita came back home and Saurav was drinking alcohol in the living room. He asks her, Where were you? She tells him that I went to get sugar for making Kheer. Saurav came close to her and Vinita tells him that I know, you are dying to come in my arms. Saurav and Vinita started making out and they made love in the living room, kitchen and then finally Saurav started satisfying her in the bedroom on bed. While Saurav was making love with Vinita on bed, the magic honey bottle fell down after a push from her feet and it breaks.

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