Ullu Web Series Honey Trap (Part 1) Episode 3 Written Updates with Vinita (Hiral Radadiya) Hot Scenes Details

Vinita was sleeping and door bell rings. She thought that her husband has arrived but instead it turns out that the handsome guy she saw at the vegetable cart was on the door. Vinita opens the door and the guy tells her that he was searching for someone but he forgot who he was looking for. Vinita tells her to come inside and he obliged. Vinita offered her tea/coffee and he tells her to bring green tea with honey.

Vinita went in the kitchen to bring green tea with honey for him. He offered her help but Vinita refused. Vinita brought green tea for him and she mixed that magical honey in it. The guy drinks the tea and he says that there is magic in your hands. He tried to kiss her but Vinita asked, Why so much of hurry? She tells him to do a husband wife roleplay with her and he agreed.

Vinita and that handsome guy went to bedroom after which they started making love with each other while doing husband wife roleplay. Vinita puts blindfold on his eyes and then he satisfies her. The guy told Vinita that I have fallen in love with you and she said that I don’t love a fool like you as you’re just a time pass for me.

Vinita’s Devar Satish was ringing the bell and she was sleeping. He made a call on her phone and tells her that he is outside. Vinita wears her clothes back and she opens the door. Satish tells her that he thought that she was having problem being alone in Bhaiya’s absence. He asks her about the bite on her neck and she said that its a mosquito bite after which he left. Vinita said that I told him not to bite but he still bit and now I have to fix it.

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Shraddha came at the general store to buy nail polish and she asked shop owner about the price and he said Rs 250 and she said that I will only give Rs 200. Shop owner said that I can only give Rs 25 discount because there is not much profit margin in it. Vinita came there and the shop owner started staring at her cleavage after which she started dreaming about making love with her in the Godown of the shop and Vinita was wearing a nurse outfit in his dream while he was handcuffed. His imagination ended.

Vinita thinks that I haven’t started flaunting my charm yet and he is already staring at me like this. She asked him for a branded nail polish and he said that I don’t have that at the shop. Vinita says then go and sell Aloo Parantha. He tells her not to get angry and he will give her everything she wants. Shopkeeper was completely ignoring Shraddha. Shraddha thinks that how this invisible woman became Anarkali all of a sudden, I have to find out. Vinita leaves from there telling shopkeeper to deliver nail polish at her house. Shraddha leaves from the shop without buying anything.

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