Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Kamar Ki Naap ) Part 2 Written Update with Kajari & Chinki Hot Scenes Info

Chinki was teaching Kajari, how to make a blouse by making markings on a piece of cloth with a chalk and a ruler. She asks Kajari to take her body measurements and Kajari starting doing that with the measuring tape. While Kajari was measuring Chinki’s figure, both of them got really close and they almost got into a kissing position but suddenly Beena entered the room.

Beena asked Chinki, did Kajari leaned anything till now? Chinki responds that I taught her how to do cutting and now I am teaching her how to measure, Bhabhi can keep on practicing that. Beena tells Chinki that your mother is calling you, seems like she has some work for you and then Chinki left.

Kajari alone at home was thinking about Chinki, about how beautiful she look and also he nice sensual touch. She thoughts of being near her always but then she thinks this is wrong.

Chinki was teaching stitching to Kajari on sewing machine and she started touching her sensually and Kajari started enjoying it but suddenly she gets away and asked Chinki what are you doing. Chinki says I am teaching you love bhabhi and Kajari says no this is wrong after which Kajari went inside.

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Later that night Durgesh was making love to Kajari on bed and she started imagining Chinki in him and in her imagination Kajari started kissing Chinki but then she came back to her sense and realised that it is Durgesh with her on bed.

Next day Chinki again started getting intimate with Kajari while teaching her stitching on the sewing machine and this time around Kajari took her inside the bedroom where Chinki puts Kajari in her arms and she started kissing her but suddenly Beena arrived and started calling Chinki and she tells Chinki your mom is calling you. Beena tells Kajari to do something else as well rather then learning stitching all day.

Kajari was taking a shower and she thinks that I want Chinki to hold her tighter but then I am scared as well. She started pouring water on herself while thinking about Chinkii and her romantic moments.

Chinki made a blouse for Kajari and tells her to wear it. Kajari says go out and I will wear it. Chinki says why are you shy from me bhabhi, you can wear it here and I will help you in wearing it. Chinki helps Kajari in wearing the blouse and then they both started making love to each other on bed. Durgesh came back and he gets shocked by peeking inside the bedroom through door. He started enjoying watching them making love and thinks that I will talk to Kajari about it later tonight.

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