ALT Balaji Hai Taubba Season 3 Episode 1 (Sherni) Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

The episode starts with the introduction of Raja Chakraborty who fails to satrisfiy her Queen wife Sarla on bed. There was terror of a wild lioness in the village and villagers pleads to King to help them. King promises to villagers that he will help them in getting rid of the lioness. Raja Chakraborty on the suggestion of his faithful hires a hunter named Sidharth to kill the lioness.

Raja also has a hot young single daughter named Sharmila and a widow sister named Vimla. Hunter Sidharth comes to kill the lioness but instead of killing the lioness he begins to romance Sarla, Vimla and Sharmila.

Firstly Sidharth makes love to Sharmila on bed. Sarla drugged Raja and then she sleeps with Sidharth but eventually he kills Sarla and Sharmila as well. Sidharth runs away with all the money and Vimla. Raja cries as both his daughter and wife gets murdered.

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