Rashmi Rocket 2021 Hindi Film Review and Critic Rating – Taapsee nailed it yet again

Hindi sports drama film Rashmi Rocket has been released this week and this Akarsh Khurana directorial film which features Taapsee Pannu in the lead role of Rashmi Vira touches upon the sensitive topic of gender testing, a practice which is still being conducted by many aports associations across and the world and due to this many female athletes have to suffer. Priyanshu Painyuli and Abhishek Banerjee are playing major supporting roles in this film and both these actors have done a fantastic job especially Abhishek who is somewhat the second main lead of this film.

Rashmi Rocket Film Story Written

The story of Rashmi Rocket revolves around a god gifted girl from Bhuj named Rashmi Vira (Taapsee Pannu) and she has the ability to run faster then the normal people by birth but the only issue is that she looks a little bit masculine. Rashmi on the request of her love interest Gagan Thakur (Priyanshu Painyuli) and her mother Bhanu (Supriya Pathak) started participating in state level racing competitions and very soon she comes in the sight of Indian Athletics Association after which she gets selected to represent India.

Rashmi joins the camp in Pune where there is another highly talented girl named Niharika Chopra (Miloni Jhonsa) and she is the daughter of a senior official in Athletics association named Dilip Chopra (Varun Badola).

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At the Asian games Rashmi wins 3 medals for India and this irks Dilip because his daughter fails to make an impact after which he conspires against Rashmi and the Athletics Association conducts gender testing on her which she fails. After failing the test, Rashmi was being arrested by male police late at night from her hostel room and they lock her up in a male prison.

Gagan manages to release her but media starts making a big issue out of it by calling Rashmi a con-artist and raising questions on her gender and also International Athletics Association bans her. Then enters Eeshit (Abhishek Banerjee) a lawyer who fights Rashmi’s case in court against a powerful Athletics Association. Now how Eeshit fights Rashmi’s case and whether they manage to win it or not, to find out you need to watch Rashmi Rocket on ZEE5 Premium Service.

Rashmi Rocket Pros and Cons :

Pros :

  • Taapsee Pannu’s mind blowing acting as Rashmi Vira
  • Amazing writing and screenplay (Finally Bollywood presents something original and creative)
  • Music is too good especially songs like Zidd and Ghani Cool Chori.
  • Akarsh Khurana direction is amazing and he deserves an applause
  • Priyanshu and Abhishek did a fantastic job in their respective supporting roles.

Cons :

  • Way too less show of Rashmi’s childhood
  • Sometimes it gets a bit too much melodramatic

Rashmi Rocket 2021 Hindi Film Final Verdict

As far as our final verdict for Rashmi Rocket is concerned we recommend you all to definitely watch this film because its just too good. This film should’ve been released in theatres rather then an OTT platform as it has all the ingredients to be a blockbuster hit at box office. No matter whether you like Taapsee as a person or not because of her ideology but as an actress she has yet again proved that she is miles ahead then any other actress in the industry right now and also both Priyanshu Painyuli and Abhishek Banerjee have bright futures ahead. Our overall star rating for Rashmi Rocket is 4 stars out of 5.

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