Anupama: Namaste America Episode 2 Written Updates – Anupama dance impressed everyone at office party

Vanraj came to the party and his colleagues asked him where is Bhabhi. Anupama also came with him to the party. Flashback shown – Motii Baa tells Vanraj to take your fortune with you after which Vanraj agrees to take Anupama to the party. Vanraj introduces Anupama to his fellow colleagues at the party and everyone got quite impressed with her seeing her siimplicity.

Wife of Vanraj’s boss tells Anupama that you have arrived at the office party for the first time so you need to give entertainment tax. Anupama says I can dance and after Vanraj allows her she started dancing in front of everyone. Everyone clapped for Anupama once her dance finished. Rajni Patel (Wife of Vanraj’s boss) tells Anupama that she is organizing an event to promote Indian culture internationally and this year’s theme is talented Indian housewives. She tells Vanraj that she wants to take her to America with her.

Anupama came back home from the party and she informed everyone about the news that she is going to America. Moti Baa, Dolly, Hasmukh Bapuji, Samar, and Toshu got happy knowing this. Leela asked did Vanraj knew about it. Flashback shown – Vanraj’s boss and everyone at the party says that he will surely allow his wife to go to America and Vanraj finally agrees to send Anupama to America – Flashback ended.

Anupama tells Leela that I still need to give audition and only if I get selected then I will go to America. Leela asks Anupama, Will you be able to do it and Anupama says I will give my best. Leela thinks I will see how will she go to America and Moti Baa tells her that I will see how will you stop her.

Power cut takes place and Vanraj went in the bedroom. He lights the candle and then took out Anupama’s passport. Vanraj thinks that I never thought we will need to use it for anything else other then address proof. Vanraj receives a call from Ritika and she tells him that she is coming tomorrow and she will meet him. Vanraj took out the old pictures of him and Ritika together. He looked at the photograph and says that Anupama will

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