Ullu Web Series Charmsukh ( Chawl House ) Part 1 Written Update with all Hot Scenes Details

A guy from Allahabad named Ronit comes to Mumbai and on the request of his mother he decides to stay at his Mama’s house till the time he gets a job. Ronit reaches his Mama’s house and he gets greeted by his Mami on the door after which he comes inside. Ronit meets Renu and she was looking very hot wearing a saree. Ronit’s Mami says that Renu is his bhabhi, Bhanu’s wife. Ronit also meets Snehal who was the daughter of his Mama and Mami. Ronit says that he came for the job of a MR. Ronit’s Mama arrived and together they had a cup of tea made by Renu after which Ronit praised the tea made by her.

Ronit says that he is going to take a shower and he takes off his shirt in front of Renu and Renu started staring at him. After this Ronit went inside the room and while he was in the washroom Snehal came to Renu and says that he went inside to which Renu says now he will do what he wants. Ronit smelled and kiss the ladies undergarments in the washroom while Renu cracked jokes speculating that with Snehal. Bhanu comes back from job and Ronit gets happy seeing him.

Later at night everyone had dinner and they got ready to sleep. Mama tells Ronit that its Mumbai and we don’t have much space so we need to adjust and using bedsheets and curtains they made small separate spaces for everyone to sleep. Bhanu wakes Renu up and tells her that he brought a gift for her then he gifted her a sexy dressing telling her to wear it now. Renu wears the sexy dress and they both started making love with each other. Everyone in their spaces wakes up and Ronit was laughing hearing their hot moaning sounds.

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