ULLU Rain Basera Web Series Full Story Written Updates, Lead Actress Name, All Hot Scenes Details, and More Info

Rain Basera web series on ULLU OTT APP has been released on 7 April 2023 and it features two hot actresses in lead roles along with many multiple male leads. The entire series has been split into multiple parts containing 3 episodes each and in these short episodes, both the female stars have indulged in some very hot romantic scenes with their co-actors.

ULLU’s Rain Basera web series is getting some good views from the audience and if you are interested in knowing more about this show including its full storyline, main lead actresses names, all hot scenes info, and more then we will tell you all that in this article further.

Full Written Plot Details of Rain Basera ULLU Web Series

The story of ULLU Rain Basera web series revolves around a female crook named Deepa (Bharti Jha) and her husband. They make a living by fooling people by selling them cheap stolen goods at high prices in their village. Deepa’s life takes a sudden turn when a young guy from the city named Rohan came in her life.

Rohan saved Deepa from police and as a reward she made him a part of their business. Rohan starts getting attracted towards Deepa and one night he starts playing with her body while she was in her sleep. Deepa wakes up and she gives a tight slap to Rohan along with a warning to never try such thing again.

Deepa apologized to Rohan for slapping her that night and he tells her that he will forgive her only on one condition, she has to kiss him. Deepa kissed Rohan and then he started kissing all over her body after which both of them made love in the shelter.

Urmi’s (Hiral Radadiya) regular client “Gaurav” came to the brothel to get her services and his friend Rakesh brought clothes for her. Friends of Deepa’s husband starts harassing her and she tells them that she sleeps with two men.

Gaurav once again went to Umri’s brothel and Rakesh was waiting for him outside. Raju informs Deepa’s husband about his wife’s affair with Rohan but Deepa’s husband insulted Raju. Raju asks his friend to help him in taking revenge from both Deepa and her husband.

Kajri’s mother informed Urmi that her daughter ran away with a guy and Urmi tells her that she should feel happy because she has escaped from this awful life.

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Deepa’s husband has a bad habit of wasting money on gambling and on Urmi. Deepa gets fed up of her husband’s gambling habits and he threatens her of losing her in gambling to his other friends.

Deepa tells Rohan that she has started falling in love with him but doesn’t know what to do. Rakesh went to Urmi’s brothel to get Gaurav’s identity card as Rakesh got caught by the police and Urmi gave him tea.

Rohan managed to sell cheap watches at expensive prices using his con skills and both Deepa as well as her husband got impressed by him. Raju’s friend brought a video of Deepa and her husband making love but Raju tells him that such tricks won’t work.

Raju’s friend made a mms of Deepa and Rohan while they were making love. He showed that video to Raju and Raju tells him that its time to take the revenge of our insult.

Raju started blackmailing Deepa by showing her the video on his phone. Deepa made a plan with Rohan to teach Raju a lesson. Rohan sends Deepa’s husband Surmesh out of the town and then Deepa confronted Raju. Deepa slapped Raju while he was seeing a dream about making out with her and then she told him that she indeed loves Rohan. Deepa pleads in front of Rohan to take her away from this awful place and he tells her that he will do something.

Rakesh went to Urmi’s place again and he gets happy seeing her in the saree gifted by him. He tells her that he is going out of town and all of a sudden they ended up making out with each other on the bed.

Raju went to Surmesh and he ends up showing him the mms of Deepa and Rohan. An angry Surmesh started slapping Rohan and Deepa tells him that it happened with her consent. Surmesh grabbed Deepa by hair and he took her inside.

Deepa brought all her clothes and belongings,, she tells Rohan to help her in running away from this place. She tells him that she forgot the money earned by him and she is going to bring it back. They both started making out near the lake. Deepa went back to bring the money but in the meantime, Rohan ran away. Deepa started crying and then Surmesh forcefully makes out with her.

Next morning, the lady informed Urmi that her daughter came back because the guy she ran away with, tried to sell her off. Rakesh came to her place and he tells Urmi to run away with her but Urmi closed the door after which she started crying.

ULLU Rain Basera Web Series All Hot Scenes list :

  • Deepa’s husband Surmesh romancing Urmi in the Brothel – Part 1 Episode 1
  • Deepa taking a bath – Part 1 Episode 1
  • Deepa’s husband Surmesh once again making out with Urmi in the brothel – Part 1 Episode 1
  • Raju dreaming about making out with Deepa on the bed – Part 1 Episode 2
  • Rohan touches Deepa’s body while she is sleeping at night – Part 1 Episode 2
  • Urmi makes out with her client Gaurav in the brothel – Part 1 Episode 3
  • Deepa’s husband Surmesh forcefully makes out with her in the bedroom at night – Part 1 Episode 3
  • Deepa romance with Rohan in the shelter house as a condition for forgiveness – Part 2 Episode 4
  • Urmi and Gaurav makes romance at brothel once again – Part 2 Episode 4
  • Gaurav yet again made love with Urmi at her brothel – Part 2 Episode 5
  • Deepa’s husband Surmesh made love with her forcefully once again – Part 2 Episode 5
  • Rohan consoles Deepa by making out with her – Part 2 Episode 5
  • Deepa and Rohan takes a bath together – Part 2 Episode 6
  • Deepa’s husband Surmesh gets Urmi’s hot services once again – Part 2 Episode 6
  • Rohan makes out with Deepa while she is cooking – Part 2 Episode 6
  • Raju daydreams about making out with Deepa in the shelter – Part 3 Episode 7
  • Rakesh makes out with Deepa on the bed in brothel – Part 3 Episode 8
  • Rohan makes out with Deepa near the lake – Part 3 Episode 9
  • Surmesh forcefully makes out with Deepa after Rohan ran away – Part 3 Episode 9

Who are the lead actresses in Rain Basera ULLU Web Series?

Bharti Jha and Hiral Radadiya are the lead actresses in Rain Basera web series on ULLU OTT APP. Bharti Jha played the role of female crook Deepa, while Hiral Radadiya played the role of brothel girl Urmi.

ULLU Web Series Rain Basera Watch Online Full Episodes Links Details :

You can watch all the episodes of ULLU OTT Platform newest spicy web series Rain Basera featuring Bharti Jha and Hiral Radadiya on ULLU Official Website as well as ULLU Official Android APP.

You will be able to see all the hot action of Rain Basera web series on ULLU OTT Platform from 7 April 2023 at 12:00 AM midnight.

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