ULLU Rikshawala Web Series Full Story Written Updates, Lead Actresses Names, All Hot Scenes Info, and More Details

Rikshawala web series on ULLU OTT Platform features three very hot desi actresses which are Manvi Chugh, Ruks Khandagale, and Jinnie Jaaz. All three female leads in this series can be seen in some very bold scenes and the entire plot of a well educated rickshaw driver becoming the boyfriend of a rich girl is very interesting.

We are sharing the complete information related to ULLU Rikshawala web series including the names of all the actresses involved in this show, its full storyline details, where you can watch this series and when. If you are interested in knowing more about it then read the complete article.

Full Written Plot Details of Rikshawala ULLU Web Series

The story of Rikshawala revolves around a young damsel named Nisha (Manvi Chugh) and a well educated Rikshaw driver named Kundan (Dhiraj Kumar Rai). Nisha catches her boyfriend Jay (Ashraf Ahmed) red-handed while he was making out with his second girfriend named Shalini (Ruks Khandagale) and then she went back to her home on a Rikshaw. She forgets her phone at the Rishaw and then she tried to commit suicide but the rickshaw driver saved her.

Nisha once again attempted to commit suicide but the rickshaw driver Kundan saved her again. Kundan tells Nisha that she should teach Jay a lesson and he will help her in doing that.

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Nisha meets Jay at a café and he started threatening her by saying that he will assassinate her character in front of all her colleagues in the office. Nisha slapped Jay and he tried to slap her in response but Kundan stopped him and then he gave a warning to Jay in English. Nisha gets very impressed seeing Kundan’s English speaking skills and he tells her that he’s a certified software engineer.

Nisha hires Kundan as her niece Kavya’s maths tutor. Nisha’s bhabhi Shikha (Jinnie Jaaz) meets her boyfriend Romil (Abhinav Raja) by the poolside and than they started making out with each other. Slowly Nisha and Kundan got close to each other and they ended up getting physical in a garage.

After getting Physical with Nisha, Kundan started avoiding her by not picking her phone calls. Jay approaches Kundan and offers him to join hands with him to take revenge from Nisha but Kundan warns him by telling him to stay away from Nisha.

Kundan came to Nisha’s house and he proposed her by telling her that he loves her a lot. Nisha accepted Kundan’s proposal by giving him a kiss. Nisha invites Kundan to her house to make out with him and he obliged. They both started making out in the living room and then they continued in the bedroom. Shikha (Nisha’a Bhabhi) catches them making out with each other in the bedroom.

Prabhakar (Nisha’s brother) & Shikha confronts her and Prabhakar tells her that he has finalized a guy for her marriage and he is coming to see her tomorrow, she has to marry him and she has no choice. It turns out that the guy selected by Prabhakar was Romil (Shikha’s boyfriend).

Nisha starts meeting Romil and one day while he was making out with Shikha in the bedroom, Nisha called him and she asks him about the weird sounds he is making. Kundan says that he is in the GYM.

Kundan trespasses in Nisha’s house and she tells him that she has fallen in love with Romil, also they both belong to the same status. Shikha came there and she tells Nisha to go inside. It turns out that Kundan was planted by Shikha and Prabhakar in Nisha’s life as he was just a fraud.

Kundan refuses to go out of Nisha’s life and he started blackmailing Shikha by showing her a mms video of himself and Nisha in the bedroom. Kundan asks Shikha for Rs 30 lakhs and later on Shikha tells Prabhakar that Kundan has asked for Rs 50 lakhs, which we need to give him.

Kundan apologized to Nisha and she tells him to stay at her house till she gets married. They both ended up hugging each other.

Kundan came at Prabhakar’s house to meet Nisha but he was not allowed to meet her. Romil arrived it Nisha’s house and it turns out that it was a plan by Romil and Shikha as Nisha was just their scapegoat. Prabhakar catches Nisha and Kundan making out in the bedroom but it was a nightmare of Nisha

Nisha meets Romil at a café on Shikha’s request and Jay came there. Jay tries to manipulate Romil by telling her about Nisha’s past boyfriends but Romil ends up teaching Jay a lesson. Kundan sees Nisha and Romil laughing together in a car and he ends up seeing a flashback of Nisha and him making out outside.

Kundan sees Shikha and he pledges to take revenge from her for the slap she gave him. Shikha tells Romil that his marriage with Nisha will happen in next 5 days. Engagement of Nisha and Romil finally took place.

Kundan went out with Nisha to do shopping for her marriage with Romil. Prabhakar gives Rs 25 lakhs to Shikha to give to Kundan and Shikha invites Kundan to the terrace at night to give him money.

Shikha gives the money to Kundan and then he tells her that he wants to make out with her in order to keep his mouth shut. Kundan and Shikha ends up making out at the terrace. Kundan tells Shikha that he wants to have a Suhagraat with her on the occasion of Nisha’s wedding. Nisha tells Kundan that she has already talked with Romil for his job and Kundan tells Nisha that Romil was always the right guy for her.

Nisha gets ready for her marriage. While making out with Shalini, Jay tells her that he has to go to Nisha’s marriage to ruin it. Shikha gets ready to have Suhagraat with Kundan. At night, a drunk Kundan comes inside Nisha’s bedroom by mistake. Kundan gets emotional in front of Nisha and he requests her to have a Suhagraat with him. Kundan and Nisha ends up having a Suhagraat but it turns out that someone made a mms of them making out.

ULLU Rikshawala Web Series All Hot Scenes list :

  • Jay making out with his girlfriend Shalini in the kitchen – Part 1 Episode 1
  • Nisha dreams about Jay and Shalini making out in the bedroom – Part 1 Episode 1
  • Shikha bhabhi makes out with her boyfriend Romil by the poolside and bedroom – Part 1 Episode 2
  • Jay and Shalini romance in the bedroom – Part 1 Episode 3
  • Nisha makes out with Kundan in the Garage – Part 1 Episode 3
  • Nisha makes out with Kundan in the living room and bedroom – Part 2 Episode 4
  • Shikha Bhabhi romance with Romil on the bed – Part 2 Episode 5
  • Nisha makes out with Kundan on the Rikshaw and outside her house – Part 2 Episode 6
  • Kundan makes out with Shikha at the terrace – Part 3 Episode 7
  • Shikha  enjoys a Suhagraat with Kundan in the bedroom – Part 3 Episode 8

Who are the lead actresses in Rikshawala ULLU Web Series?

Manvi Chugh, Jinnie Jaaz, and Ruks Khandagale are the lead actresses in Rikshawala web series on ULLU OTT APP. Manvi played the role of Nisha, while Jinnie Jaaz played the role of Shikha and Ruks Khandagale has played the character of Shalini in this series.

ULLU Web Series Rikshawala Watch Online Full Episodes Links Details :

You can see all the episodes of ULLU OTT Platform latest hot web series Rikshawala featuring Manvi Chugh, Ruks Khandagale, and Jinnie Jaaz on ULLU Official Website as well as ULLU Official Android APP.

You will be able to see all the hot action of Rikshawala web series on ULLU OTT Platform from 11 April 2023 at 12:00 AM midnight.

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