MasterChef India Episode 11 January 2023 Written Updates – Four Course Meal Team Challenge – Who Got Safe? Full Details

On todays 11 January 2023 episode 8 of MasterChef India Season 7 on Sony TV, we saw a four course meal team challenge happening between all the unsafe contestants and they got divided into three groups of 4 members each and then one team with the best four course meal got saved by the Chef’s by the end of the episode.

MasterChef India Season 7 Third Challenge Details with Teams & Captains Names :

All the contestants entered MasterChef India Season 7 kitchen and the entire place was messed up. They were told to divide themselves in three teams of 4 members each and then they were told to clean the entire kitchen after which their challenge will start.

Team Challenge Details – All three teams have a prepare a four course meal and they have to make them under 90 minutes time limit which also includes the 5 minutes of ingredients collection time from the pantry. Only one team will get safe by the end of this challenge.

The three teams and captains were as follows :

  • Team Red – Deepa Chauhan (Captain), Priya Vijan, Avinash Patnaik, and Dyuti Banerjee
  • Team Green – Sachin Khatwani (Captain), Vineet, Kamal Deep, and Urmila Baa
  • Team Blue – Santa Sarmah (Captain), Priyanka Kundu Biswas, Gurkirat Singh, and Yashu

Kamal Deep was making Banana Flower soup and she forgot to collect the most important ingredient for her soup i.e. Banana. She started crying and other members of her team told her not to cry because they will sort this out. Finally the time limit got over and all the teams were told to step back from their platforms.

Time came for tasting and Chef’s started to taste the four course meals prepared by all three teams :

First Course – Appetizers :

Deepa Chauhan prepared a dish containing Sindhi Mutton Cutlet and Pitta Bread. Sachin Khatwani prepared a dish on Urmila Baa’s recommendation. Santa Sarmah and her team prepared a Banarasi chaat in their own style.

Chef’s tasted team red’s dish first and Garima Arora said that it has very interesting component. Up next Chef’s tasted team Green’s dish which contained the vada made by Urmila Baa. All three chef’s loved the dish made by their team. Finally Chef’s tasted the Banarasi chaat made by team Blue and they said that the sourness

2nd Course – Soups :

Kamal Deep made a tangy coconut soup while Priyanka Kundu Biswas made a sweet corn soup and Priya Vijan prepared a Punjabi Style Shorba

Chef’s tasted all three soups made by the red, green, and blue team members. They didn’t liked the Spinach soup prepared by Priyanka Kundu Biswas because it was completely off balance. After that they tasted the coconut soup made by Kamal Deep and they liked it a lot. Finally they tasted Priya Vijan’s Punjabi style soup and Vikas Khanna loved it. Garima Arora loved the usage of corn by Gurkirat Singh in the soup.

Third Course – Main Course :

Yashu prepared a Assamese cuisine. Vineet made a Galoti Kabab style dish. Avinash made a Odiya style dish

Vikas Khanna didn’t liked the Kabab’s made by Vineet. Garima also tasted them and Ranveer Brar said that this dish is very weak in main course. After that they tasted the main course made by Avinash and Chef Vikas said that its an honest dish. Finally they tasted Yashu’s main course and Ranveer Brar said that this dish is missing its essence.

Fourth Course – Dessert :

Umrila Baa made mishti doi cheese cake, tomato halwa, and pistah crumble. Dyuti Banerjee made Bengali pies, and Gurkirat Singh made Strawberry Rabri Entrepret.

Vikas Khanna loved the presentation in Gurkirat Singh’s dish and Chef Vikas Khanna loved the different layers of the dish but he said that there is a lot of kevada in his dish. Up next they tasted the cheese cake made by Urmila Baa and finally they tasted Dyuti’s pie. Chef’s loved the pies made by Dyuti.

Finally all three Chef’s started announcing the results and they are as follows :

  • Appetizers – first Course – Team Green wins the Appitizer course.
  • Soups – Second Course – Team Blue wins the Soups course.
  • Main Course – Third Course – Team Red wins the Main course
  • Dessert – Fourth Course – Team Red wins the Dessert Course

Amul Dish of the Day – Team Red (Dessert made by Dyuti Banerjee)

Team Red gets saved from the elimination.

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