TV Serial Anupamaa 12 Oct 2021 Written Updates – Pakhi’s emotional outburst

Vanraj tells Kavya that Anuj gave you this job in order to humiliate me. Kavya responds if Anuj had the intention to humiliate you then he wouldn’t have to give me job because it was enough for him to get past you and she also recommended him to see a doctor. Vanraj gets very angry and he hurts his hands with the flower vase. Kavya tries to help him but he did not let her and Anupama puts his hand in water because he was bleeding. Anupama tries to put bandage on his arm and Vanraj pushes her away, Pakhi sees that.

Pakhi gets emotional and she fell off stairs. Vanraj and Anupama helped her in getting up after which she say if parents are not happy with each other then they get divorced but what if the children is not happy with the parents. She tells Anupama to understand Vanraj’s mental condition and also tells Vanraj to not to interfere in her mother’s life. Vanraj and Anupama both apologized to her and after that all three of them clicked a selfie together.

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Pakhi posted the selfie on social media and Anuj sees it. Anupama was sitting on the swing crying and Vanraj sits with her. She told him that our house is at stake and we are stay with each other under one roof because of Baa, Bapuji and our children so lets stay happy and stop fighting. Vanraj agreed with her.

Vanraj went to Kavya’s room and he slept with her on bed, Anupama went to Pakhi’s room and she hugged her on bed while Pakhi was sleeping, Anupama said sorry to Pakhi. Next day Anupama entered Anuj’s cabin and told him that she wants to talk about something. Anuj says is it about Pakhi because I saw the selfie of 3 of you on social media. Anupama says I want to leave the job.

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