Imlie Episode 14 September 2021 Written Update – Aditya stops Imlie from leaving

Imlie tells Aditya that it was my habit to light this diya for our love and now I have to leave this habit. She says you just want Malini’s love. Aditya says no I don’t want her love anymore I only love you and I only remember you no one else. Imlie asks then how you forgot about last night. Aditya says I don’t remember what happeneed last night. Imlie asks did Malini dressed as me that you saw me in her. Imlie says futher now just keep me only in your memories as I don’t want any relation with you. Aditya says trust me one last time but Imlie says its not possible as I don’t have the courage to forgive you. Aditya holds Imlie’s hand telling her not to leave as Malini was watching them from away. Imlie leaves.

Malini comes to Aditya and he says even I am guilty for what I did to you and I don’t know whether you will be able to forgive me or not but I don’t remember anything. Malini says I trust you. Aditya says but Imlie doesn’t trust me I have to do something so that Imlie trusts me and nothing wrong happens with you. Malini thinks yes now you will choose me and Imlie will leave but I have to do just one last night.

Anu and Malini were burning Imlie saree in the garden but Dev came there in his car. Malini went to disdtract him in a hurry and Anu lights off the fire after which she puts the saree in the dickey of the car and they went back home.

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Dev requests Imlie and Malini that both of you should leave Aditya and stay with him. Malini says she won’t leave Aditya. Imlie says that she has made the choice about what to do and rest is upto Sita Maiya.

Imlie was about to leave with Mithi and Dulari but Aditya stopped her and he pleads her not to leave. Aparna and Radha says to Aditya let her leave. Radha gave money and jewellery to Imlie. Imlie gives it back saying she only wants Ashirvaad. Aditya joins hands in front of Mithi to not let Imlie go from here. Anu threatens Aditya that she will get me arrested. Aditya says I was about to call the police. Malini starts doing drama saying it will hurt her respect in the society as she will face humiliation and asks Aparna what will she say to them.

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