Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 30 September 2020 – Janki follows Pawan in a Rickshaw

Pawan puts Preeta in the back of his car and Janki gets suspicious about him as she thinks Pawan has stolen something from Luthra house. Janki sits in a auto rickshaw and tells the driver to follow Pawan’s car. Mahira at the Luthra house was meeting the guests covering her face in the veil and when Preeta’s friend asked her to show her face then she refused.

The rickshaw driver stops the rickshaw and tells Janki that he doesn’t want to get into any trouble following someone. Rickshaw driver tells Janki to get out of the rickshaw. Janki makes a drama telling him that the person in the car is her husband and he is going to her Souten’s house. Janki begs in front of the driver to help him and after so much of drama, the driver finally agrees.

Pawan calls one of his goon men and tells him to bring Prithvi and some men to their other house. Janki saw Pawan removing his fake moustache and beard sitting in the rickshaw. Rickshaw driver asks Janki that her husband looks good then why is he donning a fake beard and moustache. Janki says that he’s in a disguise because he is going to meet her Souten.

The rickshaw stops at a traffic signal and Pawan manages to reach the other house with Preeta as Janki lost him. Pawan asks his goon about Prithvi and he says that he is in the other room. Pawan puts Preeta on bed and tells her that there is something special in you because of which my brother got crazy for you. Pawan’s goon ‘Ghonchu’ tells him that Prithvi has woken up and Pawan went to meet him.

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