Spy Bahu Holi Special 2022 – Tejasswi Prakash and Adaa Khan stole the show – Shamita and Pratik disappoints

Recently Colors TV aired a Holi 2022 Special episode titled Spy Bahu Rang Barse in which we saw dance performances from various actors and actresses of different Colors TV shows as well as Bigg Boss 15 contestants but the biggest highlight of the show was the hot and sizzling dance performance by Tejasswi Prakash and Adaa Khan from Naagin.

Both the ITV divas Tejasswi and Adaa entered the stage dancing on songs like Khoya Hai, Nadiyon Paar and at last they finished their performance dancing together on O Saki Saki Re. Teja and Adaa both were looking damn hot and their sexy dance moves were just a treat to watch.

Talking about the biggest disappointment on the show well it was Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhatt, and Shamita Shetty’s performance to be honest. Pratik danced on Lahu Munh Lag Gaya song and seeing him dancing on that song gave us all the bad flashbacks of Pratik and Neha’s bond from BBOTT, if you have watched that show then you might understand what we mean to say.

Pratik also got very less time to dance solo on the stage as it seems that the organizers gave most of the time to Shamita between these three. Shamita danced on some Marathi song and she tried to act like hot & seductive during her performance but it was rather cringeworthy. Quite honestly organizers should have added Shamita to drama queens segment as she would have suited better with Urvashi Dholakia and Sharmila Shinde.

Nishant who is the best dancer among the three got the least amount of time to showcase his amazing dance skills and because of all these factors the whole performance of this trio was just a big mess.

Whose dance performance you liked the most at Spy Bahu Holi 2022 Special Rang Barse, Do tell us in the comment section?

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