Shark Tank India Season 2 EP 9 Written Updates (12 January 2023) – Biggest Deals, All Pitches & Investments Made

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 9 has been aired already on Sony TV on Thursday, 12 January 2023 and we saw a tussle happening between the investors for making a deal with a hair dye brand. A middle aged lady made a pitch for her home décor brand and Sharks got impressed with her profit margins. In the end, investors got offered 20% Equity in a wearable sleep relaxer making brand but during that pitch, Anupam Mittal volunteered for the demo and that demo made everyone laugh.

Shark Tank 2 Episode 9 All Pitches and Money Invested – Full Info :

First Pitch – Yushika Jolly and Siddharth Raghuvanshi – Founders of Paradyes– They made a pitch for their hair dye brand and then they asked for Rs 60 lakhs for 1% Equity. Yushika told investors that Siddharth is her husband and they met on tinder. Investors had a look at their pacakaging and they loved their packages as well as affordable prices.

Yushika said that Paradyes have 20+ colours while their rival brand Streax has 6 colours of dyes. Yushika said that she sees the whole creative side while Siddharth sees the finance side. Siddharth said that we want to be pioneers in hair colour category.

Peyush Bansal gave them an offer of Rs 65 lakhs for 5% Equity. Namita Thapar said that she doesn’t have any expertise in this area and that’s why she is out. Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal gave them an offer of Rs 65 lakhs for 4% Equity. Aman Gupta said that he wants to give them an offer of Rs 65 lakhs for 5% Equity and he invited Vineeta to come with him.

Yushika and Siddharth went outside to make a decision about all the offers. They gave an offer of Rs 65 lakhs for 3% Equity and they said that that they want Aman and Vineeta together. Aman and Vineeta agreed after which Peyush said that Vineeta wants to acquire them and that’s her strategy.

Peyush Bansal offered them 65 lakhs for 2% Equity and Anupam Mittal & Vineeta Singh matched that offer together. Yushika said that their top limit is at 2% Equity. Peyush said that Vineeta’s offer comes under the conflict of interest.

Peyush offered them Rs 65 lakhs for 1% Equity. Yushika asks him to tell what you can help us with? Peyush tells them that he has many contacts in this area and he can help them with that.

Siddharth said that we need Aman & Vineeta’s experience and he wants them together on 2% Equity. Anupam Mittal told them that you created a mess and you tried to be oversmart. Peyush and Anupam said that they are out of this deal.

Finally the deal was made with Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta for Rs 65 lakhs for 2% Equity.

Anupam Mittal said that a dirty game was played here and Namita Thapar said that she disagrees. Anupam told Vineeta & Aman dalbadlu and Namita told him that you shouldn’t made them feel guilty about it.

Second Pitch – Chhavi Singh – Founder of Nestroots – She made a pitch for her home furnishing brand and then asks for Rs 50 lakhs for 1% Equity. Sharks took a look at her products and they got impressed by the designs as well as affordable prices.

Aman Gupta told her that he has purchased cutlery recently with his wife and he has already seen similar products to hers. Chhavi said that it can happen with one category and she makes a monthly sale of Rs 98 lakhs. Chhavi tells Peyush Bansal that she earns a profit of 16%-19% and Sharks got impressed by the numbers.

Vineeta Singh said that she has already invested in a company similar to Chhavi’s and because of conflict of interest she is out. Namita Thapar gave her an offer of Rs 50 lakhs for 2% Equity. Aman Gupta told Chhavi to double down on marketing expense but he is out. Anupam Mittal said that he is out but her competition is going to be very tough in near future. Peyush Bansal said that he is out because Namita’s offer is much better then his.

Finally the deal was made with Namita Thapar for Rs 50 lakhs for 2% Equity.

Third Pitch – Hardik Rathore – Founder of Coezy Sleep – He made a pitch for his wearable sleep relaxer brand and he offers Sharks 20% Equity for Rs 35 lakhs. Peyush Bansal thanked him for offering this much equity.

Hardik called Anupam to come for the demo and he said that he also has a partner for him. Anupam said that he is already married. Anupam wears the relaxer and all other investors started laughing. Anupam said that its an awful product after trying it.

Hardik gave the fabric to all the investors and Anupam said that it was impossible to sleep with it because he felt like dying. Hardik said that he has started selling it only 30 days ago.

Peyush Bansal said that he doesn’t feel its investable and he is out. Anupam and Vineeta also said that they are out. Namita Thapar said that Indian market is not ready for this product and she is out. Aman Gupta told him to understand the consumer and start something else.

Finally no deal was made.

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