Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 31 March 2024 Written Updates – Savi exposes Mukul’s wrongdoing

Todays Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin episode on 31 March 2024 begins with Yashwant declaring that Savi must depart from the house before the event. The Bhosle family exits, leaving the tense atmosphere behind. In his room, Ishaan reproaches Savi for her actions, expressing the need to find a solution. He questions her motives, to which Savi defends herself, citing Anvi’s safety concerns and engaging in a heated argument with Ishaan.

Reeva attempts to persuade Surekha to reconsider, but Surekha remains resolute in her decision. Ishaan supports Surekha’s stance, affirming that Savi must leave the premises.

Meanwhile, Mukul confronts Apsara for her silence during the confrontation. Apsara refuses to engage, challenging Mukul to justify his actions instead.

At the function, Durva informs Sara about Savi’s imminent departure with her belongings. Savi arrives with her luggage, and Nishikanth advises her to exit discreetly. However, Savi takes center stage, diverting the guests’ attention to a supposed pre-function ritual in the lawn.

Yashwant confronts Savi for causing a scene, but she defiantly announces her departure after revealing her intention to expose the truth.

Savi reveals a video onscreen where Anvi confesses to being molested by Mukul, causing a stir among the attendees. Despite Mukul’s attempts to intervene, Ishaan restrains him, and the episode concludes.

Precap – Surekha rebukes Mukul, expressing disbelief at their relationship. Ishaan intercepts Savi as she prepares to leave, prompting Savi to explain that she’s obeying Yashwant’s orders. Surekha confronts Savi, acknowledging her reputation for trouble but insisting that she won’t be forced out, not today.

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