Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 8 March 2021 Written Updates – Rishabh beats Prithvi with Belt

Karan was taking out his frustration on a punching bag in his room thinking about the threat of committing suicide Kritika gave to him and Preeta comes there. Preeta tried to calm him down and Karan went to take a shower. After taking bath Karan asks Preeta to give towel but he accidently grabs Mahira and hugged him thinking it was Preeta after which Mahira pushes him away. Preeta arrives there and Mahira tries to create tension between Karan and Preeta by making Preeta think that Karan is trying to get close to her.

Kritika’s Mama and Mami Suresh and Pammi came from Punjab for her marriage and she got happy seeing them but Prithvi was looking disturbed seeing them. Suresh and Pammi meets everyone in the Luthra family after which Suresh went to see Mahesh Luthra. Prithvi meets Rishabh and he taunts him telling him that now he’s officially half Luthra. Rishabh tells Prithvi that if anything bad happens to Kritika then Prithvi won’t be smiling anymore.

Rakhi tells Rishabh that Mahesh has shown some movement again and hearing this Prithvi gets shocked. Rishabh went to receive a call and Kritika says thanks to Prithvi telling him that his Mama Ji started moving when Prithvi was talking to him. Rishabh hears this and he takes Prithvi to his room. Rishabh started beating Prithvi with his belt saying that he knows that Prithvi is behind his father’s accident. Prithvi manages to come out of the room and Kritika treats him as he was feeling pain. Sherlyn comes to Prithvi and he tells her that he has still kept one proof of their past in his house hearing which Sherlyn gets shocked.

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