Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 31 March 2021 Written – Preeta convinces Prithvi to drink Bhaang

Srishti tells to find out the real motive of Prithvi marrying Kritika they should make him drink bhaang. Sameer says thats a good idea and he will help her to execute this plan and applies colour on her cheeks.

Kritika asks won’t Prithvi apply colour on her on holi day and Prithvi applies colour on her. Sameer says Prithvi standing beside Bhang guy. Preeta says it’s not that easy to make Prithvi drink Bhaang. Srishti says they need Preeta’s help. Preeta and Srishti wishes Kritika. Prithvi wishes Preeta. Sherlyn notices everything. Srishti gives Bhang to Prithvi but he refused to take it from her hand and says he will drink only if Preeta Ji gives it to him. Srishti passes on the glass to Preeta.

Preeta asks Prithvi to call her as ‘Bhabhi’ from now on and gives the Bhaang glass to him. He was about to drink it but Sherlyn interrupts them and says it’s his first holi so he can’t drink Bhaang alone and takes the glass from him and gives it to Kritika. She asks Bhaang guy to prepare one Bhaang glass for Prithvi. She tells Prithvi to celebrate holi with Kritika. Sameer thinks Kritika should not drink this Bhaang. Krithika was about to drink it so Srishti pushes Sameer towards her and Kritika drops the glass and Bhaang spills on Prithvi’s shoes so he leaves from there. Sameer follows Prithvi and message about it to Srishti and asks her to prepare one Bhaang glass for Prithvi. Sherlyn thinks Srishti and Preeta are up to something.

Rakhi applies colour on Aastha and Hemant. Prithvi scolds Sameer for spoiling his costly shoes and asks why he is following him and tells him to clean his shoes. Sameer asks him to stop his complaints. Kritika comes there and asks what happened. Prithvi complaints about Sameer’s behaviour to Kritika. Kritika says she brought gift for Prithvi and gives it to him. Sameer says it’s shoes like he guessed. Prithvi thanks her and asks why she bought expensive shoes for him. Sameer says Prithvi is right so she shouldn’t have bought expensive shoes for him.

Rakhi takes Hemant to washroom to wash his eyes and tells Aastha to meet Karan. Srishti shows Bhaang pills to Preeta. Preeta says atleast for sometime Prithvi will forget his manipulation and will reveal the secret too. Sameer says Prithvi waiting for Preeta only to drink Bhaang. Preeta tells Srishti to mix more Bhaang pills. Aastha overhears their conversation. Preeta gives Bhaang to Prithvi. Prithvi says he can even drink poison from her hand and was about to drink it but Aastha stops him saying he can’t drink that because it’s her glass. She takes Preeta from there and says it’s wrong to give Bhaang to someone like this.

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