MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 25 Recap: What Happened on June 22, 2024? Full Written Updates

In MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 25, aired on June 22, 2024, the tension between Kashish Kapoor and Arbaz Patel escalated following the “Chai Pe Charcha” challenge, where Arbaz made some controversial remarks. This episode brought new challenges, unexpected alliances, and intense drama. Here’s a full recap of all the juicy details from MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 25.

Kashish Kapoor Confronts Arbaz Patel

The episode kicked off with contestants receiving a notification to gather for their next challenge. Upon arriving at the challenge location, they were greeted by hosts Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani. Kashish Kapoor took this opportunity to inform them that the controversial remark about her being vulgar was not made by Akriti Negi but by Arbaz Patel. This revelation shocked Sunny and Tanuj. Arbaz attempted to clarify his position, explaining that it was a brain fade due to his illness and apologized to Kashish. However, Kashish insisted that she wanted Arbaz to leave the show in the next Dome session.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 25 Akriti Negi in Cage

The “Qaid Mei Hai Bulbul” Challenge

Sunny and Tanuj then announced the “Qaid Mei Hai Bulbul” challenge. Akriti Negi, who was targeted the most during the “Chai Pe Charcha” task, was chosen to perform in this challenge with her connection, Jashwanth Bopanna. Akriti chose Shobhika as her opponent, and Shobhika selected Dev Karan as her partner for the challenge.

Choosing the Sabotager

Both Akriti and Shobhika were given the right to choose a Sabotager to perform alongside them. Interestingly, both chose Arbaz Patel. However, Arbaz decided to team up with Shobhika and Dev Karan, as Shobhika considers him her brother. Later, Akriti chooses Addy as her Sabotager.

Challenge Details: Qaid Mei Hai Bulbul

In this challenge, girls from both teams were locked inside a cage while the boys became warriors. The girls had to perform hook steps of songs listed for them, and their partners had to guess the song and the move. For every correct guess, the boys could take a step toward their connection. Once all steps were arranged, the boys had to open the rope tying the girls with their mouths to set them free. The Sabotagers’ role was to hinder the boys’ progress.

Challenge Outcome

Team Shobhika, Dev Karan, and Arbaz emerged victorious in the “Qaid Mei Hai Bulbul” challenge.

Back at the Villa

Upon returning to the villa, Harsh Arora and his group members began strategizing to eliminate Akriti in the next Dome session. This created tension between Siwet Tomar and Akriti, as Siwet was upset about not being chosen as the Sabotager. Akriti was visibly concerned about her potential elimination.

Seeking Help from Arbaz

In a bid to secure her place, Akriti, along with Jashwanth, approached Arbaz for help. They expressed their desire for Akriti to stay and Arbaz promised his support.

Final Thoughts

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 25 was a rollercoaster of emotions, strategic gameplay, and unexpected alliances. With the looming Dome session, the stakes are higher than ever, and the contestants are gearing up for more drama and competition.


What was the main conflict in MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 25?

The main conflict revolved around the controversial remark made by Arbaz Patel about Kashish Kapoor and the subsequent tension between them.

Who won the “Qaid Mei Hai Bulbul” challenge?

Team Shobhika, Dev Karan, and Arbaz Patel won the challenge.

Why did Akriti and Jashwanth seek help from Arbaz?

They sought help from Arbaz to ensure Akriti’s safety from elimination in the next Dome session.

What was Arbaz Patel’s defense for his controversial remark?

Arbaz claimed it was a brain fade due to his severe illness and apologized to Kashish Kapoor.

What strategy did Harsh Arora and his group plan?

Harsh Arora and his group planned to eliminate Akriti in the next Dome session.

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