Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 29 March 2021 Written – Akshay gets Murdered

Inspector comes to the Luthra house, the lady cop asks the constable that he is working with ACP Vijay since a long time and he should know why the ACP is like this, Kareen bua tells ACP to sit but he refuses, the constable says that he does not care for anyone and their wealth and also considers everyone to be the same in the eyes of the law so she should not think that Karan is anything in front of him and would be able to avoid the eyes of law with his wealth. Whole Luthra family came downstairs including Prithvi who at first tries to walk to the ACP however seeing his name he stops and turns back, Rakhi explains that his entire family has come, and the only person left is her mother who cannot come because of her injury.

Karan asks what has happened and why is he here, Kareena bua says that he is the ACP who once helped Mahesh during a property case, Karan explains that he cannot forget him but seems that he has not come because of his friendship, the ACP explains that Karan is right because he has come to inform them that Akshay has been found murdered in the hotel room. The entire Luthra family gets shocked hearing this news, Pammi asks if he is the same person who was about to be married to Kritika, ACP mentions that he is suspicious of their family and has anyone of them been in contact with Akshay during the past week or month, Karan, Preeta and Prithvi along with Kritika all wonder if they might have been the one to murder Akshay.

The ACP notices that Kritika was really nervous so he goes to her demanding that she speak the truth because he knows that she was in touch with Akshay, Kareena gets furious asking what is he saying because Akshay left her in the Mandap so she does not have any reason to be in touch with him and she has even moved ahead in her life so cannot have killed him, Rakhi tries to calm Kareena telling her what is she saying because the inspector never said that she killed him, ACP says there is nothing to worry about because these are the instincts of a mother as she would not believe that her daughter has committed the murder till she has the proof and he has understood that Kritika could not have killed Akshay because she is the kind of a girl who would share any incident with the entire family with the promise to keep it a secret and if she was the murderer then at least one family member would have known and he would have read it from their face but the really murderer is someone else they only have to find the person.

The ACP walks beside Prithvi whose hands were trembling with fear, ACP turns to him and he drops the cup and starts shaking, he then promises to clean it but was stopped by Rakhi who says that she would ask the servant to clean, ACP then starts circling Prithvi while Rakhi advises Ganesh to clean the stain, the lady constable mentions that Sir has performed the full circle at which the constable says that this implies he suspects Prithvi. ACP then seeks his leave from Rakhi saying that he would come back because they have just started the investigation, and he would come back but then he sees Karan and Preeta so going to her asks why did she hate Akshay so much, Preeta with a trembling voice explains that it was because he was not the right choice for Kritika, he once again advises her to speak the truth, Karan interferes saying that she has said the truth however the inspector warns him to not speak in between because he asked Preeta and she is well educated and is a Physiotherapist so can speak for herself, he must therefore not speak.

The inspector performs the circle of them both then explains that he has gotten the answers which he desired and would keep an eye on the person on the function of Holi, he also asks if they have made the dish for the function, he advises they should celebrate Holi with full zeal and zest. Suresh asks them to not worry because it is just the initial investigation and they cannot prove anything against the Luthra family so they must sleep.

Kritika was at the balcony crying her heart out, she recalls that Preeta came with the belongings and asked her to destroy them, Preeta also comes to her, Kritika immediately hugs her asking what would happen because they met Akshay and now he is dead, Preeta assures her that there is nothing to worry about as she did not even go inside the hotel and if the police find any proof she would face everything not letting anything happen to her, Kritika hugs her while crying.

Prithvi was in the kitchen drinking water exclaiming that he did not kill him, Sherlyn comes to the kitchen, he once again says that he did not kill him, she inquiries about the truth saying that she saw him come from the window as he changed his clothes so what is the real reason but Prithvi was constantly saying that he did not kill anyone. Mahira listens to their conversation from the door then runs away.

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