Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 Episode 27 April 2021 Written – Gitanjali Devi introduces her Grandsons to media

Grandsons of Gitanjali Devi Oswal lands at the airport together and they challenged each other to a race to reach out to the waiting area where their parents are waiting for them to arrive. Vivan and Aarav both run to their parents by conducting a race and their parents get happy to see them. They say we are watching them after eight long years and ask who makes people wait for so long.

The younger daughter in law of the house is so happy to see the race and is hoping her son to win the race and she is pretending to love Aarav whereas she doesn’t even like him and is only concerned about Vivan. The younger boy of the house Reyansh is recording the entire meet of them after yours in his phone and he is introducing one after another even every family member through the live video.

Both the brothers go out of the airport saying that we will go to the house by conducting a race and Vivan says that this time I will win for sure. Aarav says to him that I love you so much because you are my younger brother but I will not let you win the race because I hate to lose things which are dear to me.

Vivaan gets on his bike and Aarav goes inside his car and both of them start the race together from the airport and their parents follow them in their family car behind them. At the end of the race Aarav wins it and he says to Vivan that I told you earlier only about this defeat.

Aarav says to Vivan no matter what I can never feel the real happiness of winning the race when I defeat you and Vivan also says that I never get the feeling of a loser with you. Aarav and Vivan say that we have to get ready fast as our grandmother is waiting for us. Gitanjali Devi is sitting in her room when a servant comes and informs her about the arrival of Aarav and Vivan. Aarav says to be one that grandmother is the elder person of the house and she doesn’t like this foreign culture so when you come in front of her then try not to showcase your western habits much in front of her.

The entire family gets ready to attend the function of their family business celebrations and today Gitanjali Devi will officially introduce her grandsons with people through media coverages. She gets happy to see around and everyone and both of them take blessings from her in the venue and she is looking at them with so much hope and pride in eyes. She comes up on the stage with Aarav and Vivan and announces infront of all that from now on my two grandsons are going to take over my family business as for this they have literally learnt business management from a renowned foreign college.

The journalists were asking for a perfect photo and she says that the family will complete the day we will have our grand daughter in laws with us and then you can come and click a perfect family picture. Simar comes to meet them and she was given the responsibility to find perfect matches for her grandsons as she wants an exact replica similar for their house. Gayatri Devi insulted her daughter and her family and asked them not to join the family photo since it is about Oswal family.

Somewhere else in the city, two sisters are talking and playing around with each other in their house. One of the sisters is bold and modern enough with so many dreams in her eyes and the other sister is timid, decent and soft spoken. Their mother is looking for a perfect match for her daughters so that she can marry them off.

Later Simar wants to know what kind of a girl you want for yourself? Vivan says that I want a girl who should be different from each other and should have her own personality, point of view and thinking. Aarav says that this is a city of culture and etiquettes so you will get a girl according to that. While on the other hand both the sisters are out for some shopping and photoshoot.

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