Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 20 April 2021 Written – Mahira taunts Preeta in Jail

Mahira in the prison threatens Preeta saying that Karan will become her and she will destroy Preeta’s name from Karan’s life. She further says to her that Karan is already angry on Preeta so she can use this situation in her favor easily. She says to her that she will prove him that she can do anything for him and Preeta hides everything from him. Preeta compares Mahira with Dog and says to her that she wanted to avoid her but Mahira forcing her to reply her. She says to her that she wanted to tell the truth to Karan but she didn’t get chance that’s it.

Mahira says to Preeta that she is happy that she won the challenge by separating Preeta from Karan in 3 days and now she is waiting for court hearing and that day is the last day of Karan and Preeta’s relationship and that day also her and Karan’s relationship will begin. She says to her that Preeta will die in the jail and she will live with Karan happily. Preeta asks her that did she kill Akshay. Mahira asks her that why she will kill Akshay and it’s Preeta who killed him.

Preeta says to Mahira that she just attacked Akshay and as a Doctor she knows that he didn’t die because of her that means real culprit roaming freely but Police will catch the real culprit soon. She says to her that in the first court hearing itself she will be released and she will return to her family so Mahira should not daydream that she can get Karan. Mahira says to her that Preeta’s hope will break and leaves from there.

Sherlyn asks Pammi that why she said that something going on between her and Prithvi. Pammi says to her that she noticed them. Sherlyn says to her that Pammi misunderstood them. Pammi reveals that she saw when Sherlyn slapped Prithvi and also how they talked sweetly with each other and she is not naive so Sherlyn can’t escape from her. She reminds her how Sherlyn closed the door in front of her and didn’t even apologized for that yet.

Sherlyn apologize to her and understood that Pammi wants her jewel so she informs her that she will give one necklace to her and leaves from there. Pammi thinks Sherlyn decided to give necklace to her that means her doubt about Sherlyn and Prithvi was right.

Prithvi wonders how he is going to arrange 50 lakhs now. He decides to ask money from Sherlyn. Srishti and Sameer spies on Mahira. Sarla meets the Lawyer and informs him about Preeta’s case. She says to him that Preeta is innocent and asks him that will he take Preeta’s case to help her. Lawyer says to her that he can’t take this case because he can’t win this case. He tells her to contact Luthra’s because they can hire big Lawyer for Preeta easily. Sherlyn hides the necklace from Prithvi but he sees that.

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