Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 3 March 2021 Episode – Prithvi tries to put doubt in Preeta’s mind

Sarla comes to Luthra house for Kritika’s marriage preparations and Kareena gets angry seeing her there. Meanwhile Sherlyn tells Prithvi that Mahesh Luthra is regaining consciousness and Prithvi makes a master plan with her and Mahira to destroy the Luthra’s within a week. Srishti was doing video capturing with her phones and she gets shocked seeing the evil trio together.

Prithvi sees Preeta alone and he went to her telling her that he saw her getting jealous. Preeta says what then Prithvi says yes she was getting jealous seeing Karan’s and Mahira’s closeness. Preeta says what rubbish you’re talking about? and leaves. Prithvi thinks that his plan is getting successful of putting doubt in Preeta’s mind.

Kritika selects a dress for Prithvi and he says its nice then Sherlyn comes there and she says that the other one is better to which Prithvi agrees. Later Prithvi tells Kritika that he is trying to win Sherlyn’s trust as she was against their marriage. Rishabh comes back home and both Karan & Sameer gets happy seeing him. Prithvi had a confrontation with Janki and he asks him what if in his place her son was in love with Preeta? He would have gotten mad as well.

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