Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 20 April 2021 Written – Soumya and Harman helps Simran

Kamini with Nayan comes to Virat’s house to fix engagement date of Virat and Nayan as they bring a Pandit Ji along with them. Heer sees them secretly. Nayan thinks all property will be hers after marriage. Kamini after seeing Parmeet happy whispers to Nayan saying this is the first time she is seeing a scapegoat getting happy. Parmeet asks her. Kamini lies saying she is getting emotional as Nayan will leave her house. Pandit Ji says everything is going to be fine. Heer recalls how Virat scolded her for using Kamini and Nayan. Heer thinks Pandit Ji is more interested in getting dakshina rather than checking kundalis. Heer thinks Virat should witness the truth else he won’t believe in Heer’s words. Heer gets one idea to expose Nayan and Kamini.

Soumya walks on street. Harman pulls her closer to him and he looks at her lovingly. (Tu hi mera khuda plays) Soumya gets surprised. Their recent flashbacks were shown. Soumya gets irked and pushes him away. Harman says he won’t leave her alone especially when he met him after so long. Soumya says he is really stubborn an shameless. Harman tells about the property Harak gave to Soumya.

Saumya gets shocked and asks was he overhearing their conversation? Harman says its his family as well. He has right to know about it thats why he bought a house in the neighbourhood. Soumya says let me go. Keep your nonsense talk to yourself. Harman says else what she will do. Will she complaint about him to her family. Harman says he knows Soumya won’t disclose the truth as her heart believes that he is Harman only. But her brain is denying to believe that. Harman says thats why he is staying nearby his house. Soumya angrily says he is noone to her. She gets Simran’s call. Simran asks for help and her labour pain has started.

Soumya tells Simran to call Rohan so that he takes her to hospital. Simran reveals Rohan isn’t at home. He left with Harak and Preeto for some factory work at village. His number is out of reach. Simran tells Soumya to come back as soon as possible. Soumya tells her to wait for ten minutes at least. Harman asks Soumya what happened. Soumya says its her family matter so stay away. Harman says before Soumya its his family. He should know about his family matters. Soumya ignores him and rushes to see Simran. Harman follows her.

Harman enters his house (Harak Singh’s house) and gets worried seeing Simran’s condition. Simran asks who are you. Soumya comes and tells Simran breath properly. Soumya says Harman is neighbour so he is here to help Simran. Simran says due to lockdown things will get delayed. Rohan and other members will be late as well. She can’t go to hospital as well. Harman lifts Simran up and takes her to room. Simran cries badly due to pain. Soumya calls doctor. Doctor says she will be late because of curfew. She tells Soumya to do the delivery of Simran at home. Harman tells Soumya to not worry much as previously she handled Shanno’s delivery well. Soumya gets shocked. She thinks how can a stanger has so much information regarding her family.

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