Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 11 March 2021 Written – Prithvi gets suspicious about Srishti

Mahira and Karan starts dancing during Kritika’s wedding celebration but in the middle of the dance Karan leaves Mahira and grabbed Preeta after which he started dancing with her on Tu Hi Toh Meri Sweetheart Hai song. Karan and Preeta got pretty close during this dance and seeing this Mahira and Prithvi got very jealous. Prithvi tells Kritika that they both are doing a very cheap dance and its against the class and status of their family.

Mahira intentionally twists her feet after which Karan stops the dance and he lifts Mahira in his arms taking her to the bedroom. Karan puts ointment on Mahira’s feet after which he went to wash his hands. Mahira taunts Preeta that Karan s hears now and Preeta says that you haven’t changed. Preeta takes Karan with her to tell her something.

Srishti and Sameer comes back to Luthra Mansion and seeing Srishti happy Prithvi gets tensed. Rishabh apologized to Kritika for beating Prithvi and he tells her to enjoy the celebration. Srishti tells Prithvi that she has made all the preparations to dig his grave and hearing this Prithvi gets tensed. Prithvi tells Sherlyn to keep an eye on Srishti but Sherlyn gets busy with Rishabh. Both Sherlyn and Prithvi gets tensed thinking about what Srishti has in store for them.

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