MTV Splitsvilla 14 EP 21 January 2023 Written Updates – Three Dumped Contestants Names with Twists Details

Today Splitsvilla 14 episode 21 has been aired on MTV India channel and it started with Tara Prasad telling Kashish Thakur and Mehak Sembhy that when he came on his level then he won’t spare anyone. Both Kashish and Mehak started manipulating Tara. Tara understood that Sakshi and Justin are playing game with him and he decided to teach them a lesson

Moose tells Tara that his love (Sakshi) is toxic and Justin came there. Justin tells Tara to come in a corner because he wants to talk to him but Soundous stopped him from leaving. Pema said that Sakshi is looking confused in this situation and she should take a decision on who she wants to play with.

Soundous tells Justin that if he’s not an ideal match with Sakshi but still he can reach semi final with her and he doesn’t need to feel bad by saving Tara for Sakshi’s sake.

MTV Splitsvilla X4 Episode 21 – What happened at Dumping Ground? – Who Got Dumped? – Full Info :

All the contestants reached the dumping ground and everyone was unsafe except Justin, Sakshi, Honey, and Moose. It was revealed that Sakshi was crying earlier today and she said that she is hurt because Tara is feeling bad that I did not performed with him.

Arjun Bijlani tells Tara that he was motivating Sakshi Shrivas a lot during the task and he said that his prime motto is that he wants her to win the show. Arjun said that I am proud of what you did today. Arjun tells Sakshi that she should feel lucky and Sakshi said that I believe in you Tara to which he responded saying I don’t think so.

Tara Prasad says that Justin is using aeda banke peda tactics and he has played Roadies because of which it is clear to him that both Sakshi & Justin are playing game with him. Justin asks Tara, are you crazy? Tara said I am hurt bro and I can see clearly today that Sakshi doesn’t have trust on me.

Tara tells Sakshi that today my love has lost and your game has won. Sakshi tells him ok then I am playing game. Arjun tells Tara to start playing game as well and not eat popcorn in the villa. Justin says that Sakshi genuinely likes Tara. Moose started exposing Sakshi by questioning her double standards and she tells her that we need clarity. Moose further tells Sakshi that you have problem with Soundous because she questions.

Arjun Bijlani says that both Ideal matches Kashish Thakur & Akashlina Chandra and Amir Hossein & Pema Leilani are safe for today

Arjun Bijlani tells unsafe contestants to stand in pairs and the pairs were as follows :

  • Mehak Sembhy and Tara Prasad
  • Soundous Moufakir and Hamid Barkzi
  • Shrea Prasad and Sohail D
  • Hiba Trabelssi and Aagaz Akhtar

Prakshi Goyal said that she doesn’t want to pair up with Aagaz Akhtar and she asks Hiba that do you want to pair up with him? She tells Arjun about Aagaz’s reality that he said to her that if it wasn’t about game then he wouldn’t have even looked at her. Prakshi tells Aagaz that I will play alone but I won’t choose a wrong person and she tells Arjun that even if she walks out today, she will walk out with grace.

Ideal matches were given the power to decide unanimously and save one pair from getting dumped today and then on the basis of majority they saved Hamid Barkzi & Soundous Moufakir.

Arjun Bijlani calls Uorfi Javed to tell the special powers of the ideal matches. She came and said that she has two envelopes and one has power while the other has mischief along with power.

Uorfi chooses Purple Envelope to be opened first and Justin D’Cruz & Sakshi Shrivas opened it.

The Purple envelope reads, “You have the power to dump one of the unsafe couple and the mischief is that they will get a chance to go in front of the oracle and if that couple becomes an ideal match then they will replace you.”

Justin D’Cruz and Sakshi Shrivas dumped Aagaz Akhtar and Hiba Trabelssi.

Aagaz Akhtar and Hiba Trabelssi went in front of the oracle and it said that you both are not an ideal match.

Aagaz Akhtar and Hiba Trabelssi gets eliminated from Splitsvilla 14

Honey Kamboj and Moose Jattana opened the second envelope and it reads, “You have the power to dump one of the unsafe Splitsvillain.”

Tara Prasad requested Moose and Honey to dump him today. Pema Leilani pitched for Shrea Prasad and she tells Moose & Honey to not to dump her today.

Moose and Honey dumped Shrea Prasad.

Shrea Prasad gets eliminated from Splitsvilla 14

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