Today Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode 23 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Sai gets criticized during breakfast

Pakhi serves breakfast to the whole Chavan family on the dining table and Bhavani praised her dish. Ashwini asks about the special dish. Pakhi says its Pizza Parantha. Devi came and Pakhi tells her to sit and eat breakfast with whole family. Devi says I won’t join because Sai is not here. Samrat asked Pakhi whether she called Sai or not. Pakhi says yes she did but Sai does not want to come because she did not want to eat the breakfast prepared by her. Ashwini says Sai is having a lot of tension that’s why she did not arrived. Samrat asks if she is tensed because of her studies or due to what happened yesterday between her and Virat. Bhavani again started blaming Sai for Virat’s transfer.

Samrat asks Bhavani whether she is not happy seeing him and Virat together. She says she is so happy to see her children around her. Samrat says Sai did it for the family happiness. Omkar blames Sai again saying everything has a limit and how can she ask DIG to stop Virat’s transfer. Virat gets angry and says why is everyone discussing about his transfer.

Sai comes down and says she is leaving for the college. Ashwini grabs her by the ear and takes her to the breakfast table. Ashwini started feeding breakfast to Sai with her hands. Seeing this Karishma gets jealous and says she is unlucky because her mother-in-law never feeds her breakfast like this. Sai says you people should not worry as there will be no wastage of food from tomorrow onwards.

Pakhi asks Sai to tell Samrat that she was not coming because she did not wanted to eat the breakfast made by her. Sai says Samrat dada is sensible enough to understand. She says whole family is having breakfast happily and praising their favorite bahu and they would have scolded if she or Ashwini had made breakfast. Bhavani tells her to stop spoiling our mood with her soul talks. Sai says it won’t happen from tomorrow.

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Virat asks why is she saying tomorrow again and again. Is she going to leave the house. Aswhini says with Bappa’s arrival, all problems and differences will clear. Samrat says Ashwini is right, they should go and bring Bappa’s idol home together. Virat says like before. Devi tells Pakhi why is she so jealous of Sai and she doesn’t know how much it hurts Sai when she talks bad about her. Bhavani scolds Devi and have breakfast silently. Sai tells Devi to have breakfast as she does not want anyone to scold her because whenever someone supports her, they are questioned and humiliated.

Virat asks Sai why did she overreacted when Bhavani scolded Devi. Sai says he should have understand what she means, nobody understood Devi till now, Devi accepted her the way she is and didn’t try to change her like other family members do. She further says that she will always support Devi and sorry if Virat thinks she overreacted, they need not worry as this will not happen from tomorrow onwards. Shivani bua thinks why she is saying this tomorrow word repeatedly.


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