Tejasswi Prakash is hands down favourite win Bigg Boss 15 and here’s why?

The Season 15 of India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss is nearing its finale and fandoms outside as well as the contestants inside are going all out to emerge victorious. Everyone has one question in their mind and that question is, “Who will Lift Bigg Boss 15 STrophy.” Well as per current scenario it seems that former Colors TV bahu and TV actress Tejasswi Prakash has the highest chances of winning BB15 and we will give you detailed analysis on why Teja will win this season and why other contestants are way behind her right now in the race to the trophy.

Neutral Audience Support:

Well first of all Tejasswi Prakash has managed to earn the most amount of support from the neutral audience in the last one month. She is continuously winning most of the community polls on Youtube with a voting volume of over 100K+ votes. Although her closest rivals Umar Riaz and Karan Kundrra are beating her continuously on Twitter polls with a slight margin but the overall vote volume in those polls is very less as compared to Youtube polls.

Most Searched BB15 Contestant on Google:

In the last 30 days Tejasswi Prakash has emerged as the most searched Bigg Boss 15 contestant on Google and her closest rival Karan Kundrra is way behind her as far as Google trend searches are concerned. It seems that neutral viewers are far more interested in Tejasswi ass a personality as they are searching way more about her as compared to Umar Riaz, Karan Kundrra, Shamita Shetty or even Pratik Sehajpal.

Getting Audience Sympathy:

As we have seen in the past one month that Tejasswi Prakash got almost cornered by most of the housemates and even her on show boyfriend Karan Kundrra stood against her many times but it appears that this whole scenario has somewhat benefitted Tejasswi a lot as she has managed to gain a lot of sympathy from the audience. We saw the same pattern in BBOTT as when Divya Agarwal got cornered in the house at that time viewers came in her support and she managed to win the trophy in the end.

Audience loves her Entertaining side:

Well in BB15 there are not a lot of entertainers who can make the audience giggle during all the fights and tension going on in the house but Tejasswi has definitely emerged as a entertainer whether its her calling Bigg Boss her baby or dancing on Yaar Mera Papita Dilado during the fight between Miesha and Afsana. Her cute and bubbly side is definitely helping her a lot in winning the votes of the audience.

Rivalry with Shamita Shetty and Rashmi Desai:

Tejasswi Prakash rivalry on the show with the likes of Shamita Shetty and Rashmi Desai is helping her a lot as most of the neutral viewers are completely against these two female contestants. For many viewers Shamita Shetty is just another privileged nepotism product who gets spoon fed by the makers and speaking of Rashmi well many SidHearts are still against her due to her bad behaviour with Sidharth Shukla in season 13 and most of these viewers are supporting Tejasswi due to her animosity with Rashmi Desai.

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