Today Anupama Episode 21 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Anuj invites Shah Family to Ganpati Festival

Anuj tells Anupama there are many people who think business runs with money but no business runs with the people and she is an expert in maintaining relations. He says with this partnership he will learn a lot from Anupama. Anupama says tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and it will be a new beginning for her. They both shake hands and says lets rock partner.

At Shah house Baa and Kavya were preparing modak’s for the Ganesh Utsav. Kavya says we could have ordered the modaks from outside. Baa says home made modaks are better. Kavya says they could have bought modaks from market. Baa says home made modaks are better and Anupama used to make them every year. Kavya manipulates her saying but now she is making them. Kavya asks how much time does it take to sign a paper. Vanraj says yes she went there only for the meeting.

Anuj offer Anupama to call an auto for her. She says I came in my car. He took her phone number and Anupama left in her car. Anuj rejoices after getting Anupama’s number. Anupama meets Devika in her car and she tells her that she accepted Anuj’s offer. Devika gets happy and tells her that you have helped yourself by making this decision. Devika gets out of the car and says Anu you have said yes for the job but there is one more yes needed from you which will take way more time as both you are Anuj are very innocent while Kavya and Vanraj are very clever.

GK tells Anuj about his decision to invite Shah family alongside Anupama for Ganapati Utsav. Anuj Kapadia agrees and warns him not to make any mistake.

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At Shah house Vanraj order the whole family that nobody will attend the Ganesh Utsav at Anuj Kapadia’s house. Bapuji says he will go there. Anupama arrived back from the office and Baa started blaming her for the fights happening at home. Bapuji motivates her and tells her not to worry much about any of this nonsense and get into and out of house with pride.

Vanraj tried to call Anuj from Kavya’s phone to tell him that they will not come to his house but Kavya stopped him. She tells him we can’t mess with Anuj but you can definitely go against Anupama because whatever is happening is because of her.

Anuj tells GK that he is worried about Vanraj’s behaviour with Anupama. He thinks Vanraj is not a bad guy but he misunderstands things and if he did anything bad with Anupama outside then he won’t be able to stop himself from getting involved.

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