Spy Bahu episode 1 written updates 14 March 2022 – Sejal’s family gets killed

The story begins from Kulgam, Kashmir as Mahi and her parents were celebrating Fareed’s (Mahi’s brother) birthday and her grandmother shows her a 100 rupees note and tells her to see the serial number on it then she hides the note and asks her to tell what was the no. on the note. Mahi accurately tells the no. as it seems she has a God gift of sharp memory. Mahi’s grandmother gifted her the note. They celebrated Fareed’s birthday by eating cake.

Mahi’s father received a phone call and he tells his wife to hide the children. Militants came and they started shooting everyone. Mahi’s mother hides her in the cupboard and then she went outside. Everyone got killed by militants outside and they abducted Fareed. Later on some men came there and they rescued Mahi from the cupboard and took her with them.

Some time later in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Minal and Saras adopted Mahi and changed her name to Sejal. They brought her home but Baa was not happy seeing her as she was expecting a grandson. Baa, Minal, and Saras belonged to a pure veg family and Minal started serving Gulab Jamun & Dhokla’s to Sejal but she went outside. Minal and Saras started finding her and she was standing near a egg cart.

On Minal’s request Saras agreed to buy some fried eggs for Sejal and she ate them all. The men who rescued Sejal from Kulgam were seeing her from a distance and they got happy knowing that Sejal is well settled now. Sejal came back inside and Baa saw something on her face, Minal lied that these are sweets which she ate.

16 Years later, a Garba competition was happening in Jamnagar and organizer called Sejal on stage. Sejal fell down when coming on stage and everyone started laughing on her. Tanhaji asked his boss (the guy who rescued Sejal 16 years back) that are you sure this Girpade express will complete your mission. His boss said that she is the one who will help us in capturing traitor Yohaan Nanda as she is like a human CCTV because she never forgets what she sees once. Sejal did Garba with Minal and Saras.

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