Spy Bahu episode 4 written updates 17 March 2022 – Yohan saves Sejal from falling off the cliff

Sejal went to take water bottle from a local shop alone and at the shop she talked in Kashmiri to the shopkeeper. Sejal got amazing about how she talked in Kashmiri. She saw a brother sister duo and then started having some flashbacks of her childhood again. All of a sudden Sejal found out that she lost the way and she saw Yohan threatening a person. She tells Yohan to leave him and he pushed her away. She fell down after which he helped her in putting things back in her purse and he left.

Sejal went back to the shop where Minal and Saras were after which all three of them entered the tour bus. Yohan was chasing a guy named Sohail and Sohail entered the same bus in which Sejal was. Yohan started chasing that bus in his jeep. The bus reached at Gulmarg and whole Kothadiya family started dancing. Sejal again sees her childhood self and started chasing her.

Yohan grabbed Sohail by his collar but Sejal bumped into him and both of them fell off the cliff. Sejal started screaming and pleading to Yohan to save her. Yohan saved Sejal by jumping down. He gets shocked seeing Sejal’s face and told her if he knew it was her then he would have never helped her.

Sejal was purchasing a shawl at a shop and Yohan came there. He tells Sejal that he has already bought the shawl. Sejal tells the shopkeeper to show the same shawl but he says that there is only one piece like this. Yohan tells her now you have the taste of the feeling when you want something desperately but because of just one person you did not get that thing.

Yohan forgets his wallet at the shop and Sejal went outside to give him the wallet. Azaan started at the mosque nearby and Sejal saw her childhood self praying there. Sejal prayed at the mosque in typical traditional way. When she came back to her senses she got shocked. Tenhaji’s boss confronted her and told her that in reality she is Mahira Mirza.

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