MTV Splitsvilla 14 Written Updates 31 Dec 2022 Episode 15 – Bridge of Love Task, Tara Sakshi Justin triangle

At the beginning of episode 15 of Splitsvilla 14, Tara Prasad expressed his feelings for Sakshi Shrivas and he said that he is here to win her back. Sakshi says that they were in a relationship in the past and she has worked with him at the dance school.

Moose Jattana, Samarth Jurel, and Tara Prasad introduced themselves to the contestant. Girls liked Samath’s straightforward nature and Soundous got happy seeing Moose as her emotional support. Uorfi finally leaves.

Back at the villa, Justin starts asking Sakshi about her past with Tara and she tells him everything about her previous relationship. Tara came in the room and Justin left from there to give them some alone time to talk. Sakshi informs Tara that Oracle said, her & Justin are not an ideal match and hearing this Tara got happy.

Samarth Jurel had a chat with Kashish Ratnani and she told him that she wanted a guy with coloured eyes and only he has that quality in the entire villa. Moose Jattana told all the contestants that she likes funny guys and she got attracted towards Honey Kamboj.

Sakshi gave assurance to Justin D’Cruz that she will not ditch him for Tara. Tara came to the room again and once again he asks for some alone time with Sakshi. Tara and Sakshi went to a separate room after which Sakshi tells him that she will talk to him but she doesn’t want Justin to feel bad.

Moose tried to make a connection with Honey Kamboj by having funny talks with him. Kashish got a bit insecure and Honey was enjoying seeing her feeling jealous.

Next morning, Tara tells Sakshi that she misunderstood him regarding his past relationship and he wants her back in his life. Tara was holding Sakshi’s hand and Justin came there. Justin forced him to leave her hand and Tara tells him that they know each other from last 1 year but Justin knows Sakshi only since last 15 days. Justin tells Sakshi that it will be her decision to take.

Akashlina tells Kashish Thakur that she likes him a lot and she wanted to tell him since long but now she knows that its already very late because of Kashish’s connection with Mehak.

Contestants received a scroll and it reads, “Good morning splitsvillains, after that spicy gossip session with our mischief maker you all got to know your new splitsvillains, now its time for your next challenge, so get ready and meet us.”

All the contestants reached their next challenge location. Moose tells Sunny Leone that Honey stopped talking to her since morning. Honey said that he has already been committed with Kashish Ratnani so Moose needs to back off for now.

Justin tells Sunny about what happened between Sakshi, him, and Tara. Tara said that I came here after knowing that Sakshi is here in the villa.

Sunny Leone announced Bridge of Love Challenge and it will happen between Hamid Barkzi & Soundous Moufakir vs Kashish Thakur and Akashlina Chandra.

Bride of Love Challenge Details – There are some planks buried in the sand and contestants have to take out those planks which perfectly fits in the ladder after which they have to climb the ladder and then there will be three doors. Male partners has to break the middle door and then unlock the female partner.

After unlocking the female partner, they have to break the first door and then they need to open the knots of a rope to get a key and after getting it they need to unlock the weight on the male partner.

Finally they have to break the third door and get a lock in key to lock their hearts but before locking the heart, they will get a cue card and they need to follow the instructions on the card. The team that connects the broken heart together first wins.

Kashish Thakur and Akashlina Chandra wins the Bridge of Love challenge

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