Spy Bahu episode 13 written updates 30 March 2022 – Yohan dances on Gandi Baat at Business meeting lunch

Yohan opened the door and Sejal came out running after which she hugged Yohan in fear. He tells her to step away and Sejal went away. Yohan says you broke the rule of 3 feet distance for the second time. Yohan tells her to leave because if he closed the door again then she won’t know what will happen, think about it. Sejal says this kind of cold hearted person is surely a militant and I will get him caught.

Sejal overhears Yohan talking to someone on phone and he says I will arrange 4 lacs. Veera tells Drishti that Arun slept well on the bedsheet you brought for him. Drishti tells Veera not to tell Arun about it. Drishti was going to drop the phone and Sejal helped her in holding it. Sejal offered tea to Arun but he took juice.

Sejal asks Veera, can I send breakfast to Arun sir’s room and Veera says he won’t eat because he is tensed as Yohan is not joining the company. Sejal gave an idea to Veera to call the company people for lunch and Yohan can join them for breakfast. Sejal tells Veera that Yohan needs 4 lacs so Veera can offer him the money and he will join them for lunch. Veera made a deal with Yohan for 8 lacs and he agreed to join them for lunch.

Veera tells Sejal to prepare desert and continental for lunch because Yohan agreed on joining the company people for lunch. Koyal overhears their conversation and she says she needs to talk to Shalini madam about this. Veera tells Arun that Yohan agreed to join the company people today over lunch and hearing this Arun gets happy.

Sejal prepares continental food alone for the company meeting important lunch because whole staff went out after making excuses. Shay tells Shalini that we need to look like a power couple today and Shalini had a fight with Shay. She says go and snatch the presidency away from Yohan today.

Sejal puts the kitchen on fire and Yohan arrived there. He says you clean the mess in the kitchen and I will make continental because I know how to do it better. Sejal says thanks to Ambe Maa because Yohan came to help here. Yohan says seems like you made this mansion like your house and Sejal said something which reminds him about his mother. Sejal tried to help Yohan but he says he is making a continental dish and not Chinese. Yohan says you are looking very happy, I will see how long this smile will stay on your face. Sejal says I will see you on lunch and Yohan says yes I am sure You and Veera Nanda will never forget this lunch.

Arun, Veera, and Shalini were having lunch with company’s people and they praised the food. Arun says where is Yohan. Yohan arrived dancing on Gandi Baat and that too shirtless. Arun says stop it and Yohan says ok I will change the song because my dad is a flirt because he has married twice. Yohan revealed that he has got 8 lacs for joining the lunch so he was giving his contribution. He tells Arun that your wife bribed me so I was justifying it. Sejal says he is very ill-mannered.

Shay says what is happening here and Arun says we will talk later. Shay and everyone started vomiting and Yohan was enjoying seeing them all vomiting after eating the food.

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