MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 24 Recap: What Happened on June 16, 2024? Full Written Updates

In MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 24, aired on June 16, 2024, the drama from the previous “Chai Pe Charcha” task continued with more spicy revelations and confrontations. Following the chaos of the last episode, where contestants were seen spilling tea and exposing secrets, this episode kept the momentum going with even juicier gossips and heated arguments.

Thirteenth Gossip

Gossip: Someone claimed Addy wants to ditch his connection with Kashish Kapoor to pursue Digvijay Singh Rathee’s girlfriend, Unnati Tomar.
Guess: Addy guessed Harsh Arora, but it was Siwet Tomar.

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 24 Complete Written Updates

Fourteenth Gossip

Gossip: Digvijay Singh Rathee supposedly thinks Unnati Tomar is dumb.
Guess: Digvijay guessed Akriti Nagpal correctly.

Harsh Arora’s Revelation

Uorfi Javed revealed that Harsh Arora confided in her during their time in the love den, stating that he maintains close friendships with Jashwanth, Siwet, Addy, and Arbaz to keep his enemies close. This led to a heated argument between Harsh and Addy.

Fifteenth Gossip

Gossip: Jashwanth gives indirect signals to girls showing his interest. Ruru Thakur and Unnati Tomar were mentioned as examples.
Admission: Nayera admitted she wrote it, leading to a confrontation where Unnati denied ever saying such things. Jashwanth spilled the tea on Nayera’s face as punishment.

Jashwanth’s Act of Revenge

Jashwanth, seeking revenge for Akriti Nagpal, was given a task by Uorfi to impress her. Upon succeeding, he spilled tea on Rushali’s face.

Sixteenth Gossip

Gossip: Nayera Ahuja is accused of overacting and having yellow teeth.
Guess: Nayera guessed Sachin, but was wrong. As a result, Sachin got to spill tea on her face.

Seventeenth Gossip

Gossip: Arbaz felt bad when Nayera became an ideal match with Digvijay due to the power imbalance.
Guess: Arbaz guessed Digvijay, but it was wrong.

Eighteenth Gossip

Gossip: Deekila is described as stupid, loud, and a dome flipper.
Guess: Deekila guessed Sachin, but Shobhika was the one who wrote it.

Final Gossip

Gossip: Anicka is unhappy with Siwet but is afraid to admit it.
Guess: Anicka guessed Akriti, but it was Ishita Rawat who wrote it. This sparked a heated argument between Digvijay, Siwet, and Addy.

Post-Task Drama

After the “Chai Pe Charcha” task ended, the contestants returned to the villa. Deekila, angry at being called loud and stupid, lashed out at everyone. Shubhi Joshi admitted to writing the gossip about Rushali breaking the sister code, leading to more tension.

Bedroom Confrontation

Akriti Nagpal went to confront Harsh Arora and Rushali Yadav in their bedroom. The situation escalated, with Harsh admitting that while Rushali is dominating, he enjoys it. Akriti then backbit Rushali with Anicka.

Nayera’s Confrontation

Nayera confronted Akriti for calling her heartless and having yellow teeth. This led to more friction between the contestants.

Siwet and Anicka’s Tension

Siwet was upset with Anicka for laughing at Akriti’s comments about him. Anicka warned Siwet not to mistreat her or she would leave him.

Kashish Investigates

Kashish Kapoor investigated who called her vulgar and discovered it was Arbaz. Because of his fever, Kashish didn’t confront him harshly. Arbaz apologized, but Kashish left the room in anger, and Addy was also upset with Arbaz.

Final Thoughts

MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 24 was filled with intense drama, confrontations, and emotional turmoil. The continuation of the “Chai Pe Charcha” task brought out the worst and best in contestants, leading to heated exchanges and revelations that are sure to impact the dynamics in the villa.


  1. What was the highlight of MTV Splitsvilla 15 Episode 24?
    The continuation of the “Chai Pe Charcha” task and the heated arguments it caused among contestants.
  2. Who hosted the “Chai Pe Charcha” task?
    Uorfi Javed, with assistance from show hosts Tanuj Virwani and Sunny Leone.
  3. What was the outcome of the final gossip?
    Anicka guessed Akriti, but it was Ishita Rawat who wrote the gossip, leading to a heated argument.
  4. What caused the argument between Jashwanth and Rushali?
    Jashwanth wanted revenge for Akriti, leading to a task where he spilled tea on Rushali’s face.
  5. Who admitted to writing the gossip about Rushali breaking the sister code?
    Shubhi Joshi admitted it, causing tension between her and Rushali.

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