Prithvi Escapes and Rana Blames Preeta – Kundali Bhagya 22 July 2020 Episode Written

Srishti helps Preeta in getting up while Prithvi hides in the store room. Preeta tells Srishti that the masked man was limping lets catch him. Prithvi says thank God after coming in the store room. He tells Rishabh that you have to pay for this and even Preeta ji can’t win today as I have plan b and I will activate it now. Preeta saw something on the floor and tells Srishti to pick it up. It was the engagement ring that Preeta puts in Prithvi’s finger when they got engaged. Srishti says that means Karan sir was right then Preeta says that if Prithvi ji is behind the mask then I will teach him a lesson today.

Preeta and Srishti catches the masked man then Srishti tells Sherlyn to hold him. They put water on Rishabh face. and wakes him up. Sherlyn tells him to push her and run. Masked man tried to run but Preeta and Srishti catches him. Preeta shows him the ring and says today I will expose him. Kareena tells Karan to call the police. Mahira thinks now Sherlyn’s boyfriend will get caught and I will be trapped as well.

Preeta tells Karan that I have promised you that I will catch the masked man and will expose him. Preeta removes the mask and gets shocked as it was Rana. Karan starts slapping him asking who are you. Sherlyn thinks that its Prithvi’s locan goon thank God Prithvi is safe. Rana tells Preeta to give him his ring then Preeta thinks maybe he has a matching ring like Prithvi ji. Sherlyn thinks where is Prithvi if Rana is here.

Sammy tells the inspector and tells him to come. Inspector bumps into Prithvi (wearing Rana clothes) and he says sorry. Prithvi says no problem chill man. Flashback starts, Rana came in the store room and Prithvi tells him that Sherlyn alerted him Preeta got the ring and she has doubt on me. Prithvi tells him to wearing his clothes and wear another same mask and say whatever he wants so that Prithvi will become hero in Preeta eyes again. Rana agrees to do it for triple money. Baack to Present, Prithvi thinks thanks Sherlyn baby for alerting me, seeing his lucky mask he thinks that my mastermind brain fooled everyone again and now nobody can catch me. Prithvi leaves the hotel.

Karan kept on slapping Rana telling him to speak then Rishabh starts punching him saying tell me who hired you then Karan takes the charge back again. Ranaa says ok I will speak then he says I got triple money to kidnap Rishabh. Sherlyn thinks oh no he is going to expose Prithvi now. Rana blames Preeta that she hired him.

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