Spy Bahu episode 12 written updates 29 March 2022 – Yohan turns off the light and Sejal cries for help

Sejal says I want to know more about Yohan sir because after what I did at Holi, I don’t want to make anymore mistakes in front of him. Sejal came down the stairs and Yohan hits a ball towards Sejal and it hits the flower vase. Sejal says you missed the target and Yohan says I don’t miss the target, I broke this vase so I can make this your winning crown. Sejal says its not a crown and Yohan says you haven’t won. Yohan tells Sejal that he will make life difficult for her and Sejal asks him for a chance but he refused. Sejal says if heart breaks then you shouldn’t hold on to the pieces. Yohan thinks mom used to say this. Sejal kept on collecting the broken vase pieces and Yohan was going to fall but Sejal holds him after which they both had a romantic eye contact. Sejal once again started having hiccups. Yohan tells Sejal to stay away from him if she wants to stay in Nanda house. Yohan with a ruler tells Sejal to stay away from him by 2 feet. Veera tells Sejal that Yohan is a good person by heart and then she tells her that you are lovely. Sejal says thank you mam to her.

Shalini scolds media reporter for the negative Holi celebration headlines in newspaper. Koyal came and she started provoking Shalini against Sejal and Shalini tells Koyal to make her cry and make life difficult for her.

Shera tells the whole staff that Sejal is your new staff manager and you need to help her in learning the things. Staff members started talking against Sejal. Koyal tells Sejal that she will help her and in return she wants 50% of her salary. Sejal laughs saying nice joke. Koyal gives a agarbatti to Sejal and says that Arun sir likes its smell a lot.

Yohan and Arun started fighting because Yohan refused to work in his company. Yohan says I will never join the company due to which my mother die. Sejal came and Yohan tells him that next time I won’t warn you.

Sejal started giving Arun the smoke of agarbatti and he tells her that I have allergy from it. Sejal says I want to make your day good. Arun screams at her and says if next time she tried to cross the line then he will throw her out of the job.

Sejal gets emotional and cries. She says that Koyal is a clever fox and rest are her relatives, good people are only in Jamnagar. Minal and Saras made a phone call to Sejal. Sejal says I can’t understand but it seems you all are missing me a lot. Minal made a video call to Sejal and Sejal thinks that I can’t pick the call or else I will get into trouble. Sejal went to the kitchen after which she wears a chef hat and picks the call. Minal asks why are there tears in your eyes and Sejal says I was cutting the onions. Minal says keep the light on in your room because you have fear of darkness. Sejal cuts the phone. Yohan overhears Sejal’s conversation and he thinks that I will fill a lot of darkness in your life.

Sejal was praying in her room and light turned off. She tried to open the door but it was not opening because Yohan closed the door from outside. Sejal started screaming and calling for help. She started crying and started seeing flashbacks of her past. Yohan was not paying attention to Sejal’s screams.

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