Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 13 written updates 30 March 2022 – Krishna locked Sayuri in the temple

Sayuri tells Chiru that although both her and Kanha hate each other but still she doesn’t have any right to create problems between you brothers. Chiru tells her that he has decided to tell about their relation to mom. Sayuri says is it the right time. Chiru says everyone will get happy knowing about my marriage and they will start making preparations. Sayuri says Kanha will get sad and Chiru says no he will make our wedding vlog.

Chiru went to pray to other Gods and Goddesses. Krishna sees Sayuri in temple and he says this Phhatti bansuri is here, seems like she came here to plead to God for her marriage. Krishna locked Sayuri in the temple. Sayuri tried to go out but she finds out that temple is locked. Chiru tried to make a phone call but there was no signal available.

Krishna came back in his society and he saw some boys teasing a girl. Krishna says she is locked in temple so no worries. Nakul and Krishna started making a vlog for a couple. Saroj called Krishna and Nakul says I’m with her after which Saroj says good all three brothers are together.

Sayuri started getting restless and Chiru gave her water. Krishna while making vlog was getting worried for Sayuri. Saroj received a phone call from someone and she went out in anger. Krishna received a video call from Rashmi and she asked him that Sayuri has not arrived yet, Is she with Chiru bhaiya. Saroj called Indrani by shouting after which she grabbed her hand and took her away with her in the car.

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