Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 10 May 2021 Written – Soumya conducts Harman’s DNA Test

Soumya makes a phone call to someone and asks them to come for help. She tells Harman that its not time to give up but we have to fight for our right. If we don’t get it we’ll snatch it by hook or crook. Harman looks on smiling. Soumya holds Harman’s hand and moves forward. Harman looks happy seeing her courage. She brings Harman back in the house. Everyone gets shocked. Soumya enters with Harman.

Mahi says what kind of shamelessness is this? Soumya says Harman has full right on this house. Soumya says she will give proof of Harman’s identity. Mahi asks now you started another drama. Soumya says it can be proved by conducting a DNA test. Soumya says she called a doctor for the DNA test of Preeto and Harman. She further says I always wanted happiness of this family. She can never do wrong to them. Soumya says being a daughter and daughter in law of the house I just want a chance to prove that he is Harman. Please give me permission. She requests them with folded hands.

Nayan tells Virat that she just tried to sort out things. Virat gets mad at her and says I told you to not use your brain then why you did that. Virat tells Nayan to leave. Parmeet stops Virat saying how can he talk to Nayan like this. Nayan starts her drama saying its all my fault that I felt sad seeing my brother’s tears. Simran forgave him but if Virat doesn’t want that then its okay. Parmeet supports Nayan saying its your right to take decision of the house , you will soon become part of the family Virat should understand that.

Preeto agrees saying Soumya will get her right. She permits her to conduct the DNA test. Mahi gets vulnerable saying why are you trusting Soumya. She can even change the reports to mislead us. Soumya objects saying I have never done such thing. Preeto tells Soumya the test will happen but if Mahi is right then I’ll cut ties with you. Its about my son’s existence and I won’t compromise with that. Soumya nods.

Simran tells Arjun that he has five minutes to meet his daughter. Arjun thinks he will be son in law of the house soon. There Virat calls Heer repeatedly. Heer picks up and says why are you annoying me. Get married to Nayan peacefully. Virat says Heer is still adamant and doesn’t want to understand what destiny wants. His marriage with Nayan was about to get canceled. Heer says but it didn’t happen right? So just stay away from me.

Virat blames Heer that she is ruining Simran’s life as Rohan thinks Virat only left Heer so he doesn’t want to accept Simran. Heer says you are lying. Rohan can’t do that. She cuts the call saying don’t call me for no reason.

Doctor collects DNA samples. Mahi says the report will come in seven days so Soumya can come after seven days. Soumya says I dont want you all to think I changed the reports. So I’ll stay here until the report comes. Harak allows Soumya to stay saying he will shoot Harman if he is not our son.

Arjun starts acting after seeing Simran. He says he is feeling sad that he can’t even stay with her daughter. Simran is a good mother but he doesn’t deserve a good life. He cant even hear his daughter calling him Papa.

Rohan calls Simran. Arjun receives it and says he is SimSimran’s daughter’s father. Rohan stands shocked. Simran tries to talk to Rohan to tell the truth but Rohan again blames her saying I thought I’ll say sorry to you but you got your love. He says Simran is like her brother Virat. Who only knows how to use people.

Arjun cries saying I have come here to apologise to Simran only. Simran says to Arjun no need to explain. She says she made a mistake and will rectify it now. She disconnects Rohan’s call.

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