Spy Bahu episode 7 written updates 22 March 2022 – Minal catches Sejal offering Namaz

Jatin tries to make Sejal laugh with eggs and then he entered her room through the window. He tells her that you are looking like a Kashmiri and Sejal took off the scarf. He asked Sejal to tell the truth, what’s the matter. Sejal says why is there so much violence at a beautiful place like Kashmir. She thanked him for bringing eggs for her everyday by taking so much risk. Jatin takes promise from Sejal about whenever she needs his help then she will ask him.

Suryakant interrogates Yohan and shows him Sohail’s picture. At first Yohan says no I don’t no him and Suryakant responds we have CCTV footage of you talking to him. Yohan says I was asking him the address at the mall road. Suryakant says you are lying. Yohan says I am from Nanda family and at one call of mine you will get in trouble. Suryakant gets angry.

At night Minal and Saras entered Sejal’s room while she was sleeping. Minal tells a story to Sejal about a small princess of Jamnagar. Next morning Sejal went to Mosque to offer Namaz. Minal and Saras got restless not seeing her home and they started finding her here and there. Minal and Saras gets shocked seeing Sejal offering Namaz. Minal asked where did you learned this and what else did you learned. Sejal responds yes I have learned how to pray in front of Ambe Maa, how to do Garba and how to burn khakhras when you adopted me from Kashmir.

Minal gets angry hearing Sejal’s words and ran away. Sejal started following her. Suryakant came back in interrogation room and Yohan was doing a hand stand there. Arun came to rescue Yohan and he tells Suryakant why didn’t you brought a lawyer for my son till now.

Minal asked Sejal where did you find out that you are from Kashmir. Sejal says I learned from Kashmir that my family got killed and my brother got abducted. Minal asks am I am still your mother or will you call us uncle and aunty now as you went to offer Namaz so it seems you want to go back to Kashmir, should I book your ticket.

Saras says we are responsible for hiding the truth from her and she deserves to know the truth. Minal asks Sejal tell me whether I am your mother or not. Sejal cries and says mummy after which she hugged Minal. Minal says you are my Sejal.

Arun tells Yohan I will rescue you from here on one condition you have to work at my office or else this is a terrorism case and you will rot here for life. Yohan insulted him in front of Suryakant saying he is losing 1000’s of crores.

Outside the interrogation hall Arun tells Drishti to convince her brother or else he will rot here. Drishti tells Yohan to accept his dad’s offer and finally he agreed. Arun thinks to convince my son I had to use my disabled daughter.

Sejal was working at the shop with Minal and Suryakant called her. Suryakant tells Sejal to think once more. Sejal seeing Minal with her tells him that I don’t need your credit card. Suryakant understands that Minal is with her. Minal took the phone from Sejal and in Gujarati she scolds Suryakant. Bamba was coming to the shop and some bike rider hits him. Sejal screams Fareed.

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