RRR (2022) Film Fifth Day Overseas Collection Report – USA, AUS, NZ, UK and Europe Tuesday business Details

S.S. Rajamouli’s RRR is causing rampage right now at Global box office because the South Indian periodic drama has grossed ₹ 122 crores just in the opening weekend and not only that this film has left behind big Hollywood ventures like The Batman and The Lost City to top the box office charts in the overseas markets. Nobody could’ve imagined that a South Indian film would ever earn such huge income in foreign markets but S.S. Rajamouli with his brilliant direction has proved that nothing is impossible for him. Many fans have already started saying that RRR needs to be nominated for next years Oscar awards.

According to our information RRR screen count has already been increased as around 2000 more screens are being allotted to this film out of which around 750 screens have been allotted in  the foreign markets. The total worldwide screen count of RRR currently is 10,000 which is tremendous and shows the kind of faith makers as well as cinema owners have on this film at the moment. North American and European countries including USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Finland, and Poland have been allotted most of the RRR screens in overseas cinemas.

Only from the North American markets RRR collected around $9 millions in the opening weekend and as per trusted reports its overall opening weekend income from the overseas markets was around $16 million which shows that NRI’s are supporting this film to a great extent. Indians resides in huge numbers in Canada and that is why RRR is doing great there because of the NRI community support.

Australia and New Zealand are not known as big box office markets but still RRR is earning a lot of moolah from these countries which are very small as far as the geographical area and population is concerned but still RRR is continuously topping the box office charts in these two countries.

RRR day 5 overall occupancy rate at overseas markets has been estimated around 45% – 55% which is fantastic and we are expecting a jump in the percentage as soon as the weekend arrives. In Canada, most shows in Toronto and Vancouver again went houseful at night and also in the key USA markets of California, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania, and Texas it has received great audience response on Tuesday 29 March 2022.

Fifth Day Collection of RRR from Overseas markets is $5.3 million (approximately)

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